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July 2012

Greetings from Jeanette Grey

When you ask a writer to tell you something about herself, more often than not, she’ll say she’s been writing since she was a kid. For a lot of us, that’s how it goes – we discover the written word and we’re off.

Not me.

Sure, I wrote frighteningly bad poetry when I was in second grade and melodramatic prose-poems in high school. There may have been the occasional angst-fest scribbled in a notebook when I broke up with someone in college. But that was it. I only wrote when someone told me I had to or when I needed to get something out. I never wrote stories just for fun and I definitely never wrote romance. Hell, I didn’t even read romance until I was in my late twenties.

What changed? A few things. I hit a rough patch in my life, working a job I hated in a new city where I didn’t seem to fit in. And I picked up a book. I read it. And it changed everything.

For the first time in years, I remembered the power of a good story, and I finally recognized that the parts of a story that really call to me are the parts that involve love, connection, and yes, sex, too. I started coming up with my own stories, and more importantly, I started writing them down. It reinvigorated my marriage. It reinvigorated my life.

Nowadays, I read constantly, and I write romantic fiction full-time. While I’ll read anything featuring two (or occasionally more…) compelling romantic leads, I write primarily contemporary and futuristic romances. My professional background is in science, and I bring a touch of that to most everything I write, from characters with careers in the sciences to high-tech plot elements in my futuristic stories. My short stories have appeared in collections such as Going Down, Lustfully Ever After, and Power Play. My futuristic novella, Unacceptable Risk, was published by Samhain last year, and I’m currently working with them on a new contemporary due out in Spring 2013.

When I’m not writing or reading, you can usually find me hanging out with my husband, feeding disgusting things to my pet frog, watching British television series, or making things. I knit, I make pottery (from clay – no paint-your-own for me, thank you and please), I occasionally draw and paint, and I bake.

I also enjoy spending time with amazing women (and men) who have also decided to share their stories – both the books they have written and the stories of their struggles to write and publish them.

Which is why I’m here. To share my story with you and to hopefully hear yours, too.




A Little About Me, Jenna P.

Who is Jenna Patrick?

Wow, I never would’ve thought such a simple question would be so difficult to answer.  If you’d asked me three years ago I would’ve given you my stats – A wife of ten years and mother of two, born and raised in Ohio, now working as an engineer in North Carolina but pursuing her passion as a women’s fiction author.  And while all that’s still true, sometime in the past three years I came to realize something – that describes who I am to everyone else, but it doesn’t touch the surface of who I am to me.

Truth is, I never gave it much thought.  So, I’m stepping outside of myself for the next ten minutes to try to see who I am from another perspective, and I pray it doesn’t make me dislike myself in the end.

Jenna Patrick prefers Cosmopolitans to beer, sunrises to sunsets, live music to D.J’s, and onion rings to fries.  She’d rather spend an hour analyzing some song she heard on Alt Nation than guessing who’s going home on The Bachelor.  She brushes her teeth in the shower, picks out her shoes before her outfit, and talks more to herself the first two hours she’s awake than to others.

Fall is her favorite season because she LOVES college football, she won’t swim at night because she’s a magnet for mosquitoes, and she’s not fond of buffets.  She likes trivia, despises spoof and slapstick comedy, prefers Coke from a fountain but Pepsi from a can, and loves hanging out with her husband and kids because they’re the coolest people on earth.

Though Jenna might seem standoffish when you first meet her, she’d give almost anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it more than she did.  Don’t ask for her opinion if you don’t want her to be honest, but in return she promises her criticism will always be constructive.  She aspires to write fiction that makes people, including herself, question the truth in their world, and she’s looking for the next mountain to climb even before she reaches the peak of the one she’s on.  She’s an obsessive planner, a perfectionist, sensitive, cautious yet impatient, and apparently long-winded, so she better wrap this up.

So there you have it.  That’s a little piece of me…Jenna P.  And, surprisingly, I don’t dislike myself now!  Go figure!  Can’t wait to meet new people in the Bad girlz blogging world, and hope I can share as much knowledge with you as has been shared with me.


Jenna P.


The Bad Girlz Blog Launch Big Giveaway!

We aren’t above bribery. 😉

To celebrate our blog launching and reward the support of our friends and the writer community, we’re having a giveaway at the end of launch week. There are lots of ways to enter our raffle, including options for multiple entries you can do every day. Check out the raffle basket and the options for entering below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have any questions, leave a comment on this post. From all of the Bad Girlz, thank you for entering and supporting our new blog!


What Is A Bad Girl?

As should be clear from the name of the site, Bad Girlz Write. But what else do they do?

A Bad Girl…

  • greets guests at the door with a mimosa and a smile.
  • prepares for a writer’s conference by planning her outfit…and when that’s settled, starts working on her pitch.
  • Tweets, plots, cooks, and shops for shoes all at the same time.
  • embraces her guilty pleasures without shame—life already gives us enough reasons to feel guilty!
  • thinks happiness is writing a story for herself, and finding readers just as weird as she is to appreciate it.
  • might take comfortable shoes to a writer conference, but she’ll also take fabulous looking, not-so-comfy shoes and a big can of foot numbing spray. There’s no need to suffer for style.
  • recognizes a kindred Bad Girl, whatever her walk in life.
  • does a dance for success.
  • shares her wisdom, her heartbreak and her happiness with her friends. And the internet.

In that spirit, this blog was formed by a group of Bad Girlz who wanted to share their stories of writing, revising, publishing, and generally trying to stay sane while weathering these many storms. We’ll bring you our tales from the front, and we’d love to hear your stories, too.

So please, join us: sit back, kick off those fabulous shoes, and pour yourself a drink. Because remember: A pessimist sees the glass half-empty. An optimist sees the glass half full. A bad girl doesn’t care: either way, it’s time for a refill!


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