A Little About Me, Jenna P.

Who is Jenna Patrick?

Wow, I never would’ve thought such a simple question would be so difficult to answer.  If you’d asked me three years ago I would’ve given you my stats – A wife of ten years and mother of two, born and raised in Ohio, now working as an engineer in North Carolina but pursuing her passion as a women’s fiction author.  And while all that’s still true, sometime in the past three years I came to realize something – that describes who I am to everyone else, but it doesn’t touch the surface of who I am to me.

Truth is, I never gave it much thought.  So, I’m stepping outside of myself for the next ten minutes to try to see who I am from another perspective, and I pray it doesn’t make me dislike myself in the end.

Jenna Patrick prefers Cosmopolitans to beer, sunrises to sunsets, live music to D.J’s, and onion rings to fries.  She’d rather spend an hour analyzing some song she heard on Alt Nation than guessing who’s going home on The Bachelor.  She brushes her teeth in the shower, picks out her shoes before her outfit, and talks more to herself the first two hours she’s awake than to others.

Fall is her favorite season because she LOVES college football, she won’t swim at night because she’s a magnet for mosquitoes, and she’s not fond of buffets.  She likes trivia, despises spoof and slapstick comedy, prefers Coke from a fountain but Pepsi from a can, and loves hanging out with her husband and kids because they’re the coolest people on earth.

Though Jenna might seem standoffish when you first meet her, she’d give almost anyone the shirt off her back if they needed it more than she did.  Don’t ask for her opinion if you don’t want her to be honest, but in return she promises her criticism will always be constructive.  She aspires to write fiction that makes people, including herself, question the truth in their world, and she’s looking for the next mountain to climb even before she reaches the peak of the one she’s on.  She’s an obsessive planner, a perfectionist, sensitive, cautious yet impatient, and apparently long-winded, so she better wrap this up.

So there you have it.  That’s a little piece of me…Jenna P.  And, surprisingly, I don’t dislike myself now!  Go figure!  Can’t wait to meet new people in the Bad girlz blogging world, and hope I can share as much knowledge with you as has been shared with me.


Jenna P.

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