Greetings from Jeanette Grey

When you ask a writer to tell you something about herself, more often than not, she’ll say she’s been writing since she was a kid. For a lot of us, that’s how it goes – we discover the written word and we’re off.

Not me.

Sure, I wrote frighteningly bad poetry when I was in second grade and melodramatic prose-poems in high school. There may have been the occasional angst-fest scribbled in a notebook when I broke up with someone in college. But that was it. I only wrote when someone told me I had to or when I needed to get something out. I never wrote stories just for fun and I definitely never wrote romance. Hell, I didn’t even read romance until I was in my late twenties.

What changed? A few things. I hit a rough patch in my life, working a job I hated in a new city where I didn’t seem to fit in. And I picked up a book. I read it. And it changed everything.

For the first time in years, I remembered the power of a good story, and I finally recognized that the parts of a story that really call to me are the parts that involve love, connection, and yes, sex, too. I started coming up with my own stories, and more importantly, I started writing them down. It reinvigorated my marriage. It reinvigorated my life.

Nowadays, I read constantly, and I write romantic fiction full-time. While I’ll read anything featuring two (or occasionally more…) compelling romantic leads, I write primarily contemporary and futuristic romances. My professional background is in science, and I bring a touch of that to most everything I write, from characters with careers in the sciences to high-tech plot elements in my futuristic stories. My short stories have appeared in collections such as Going Down, Lustfully Ever After, and Power Play. My futuristic novella, Unacceptable Risk, was published by Samhain last year, and I’m currently working with them on a new contemporary due out in Spring 2013.

When I’m not writing or reading, you can usually find me hanging out with my husband, feeding disgusting things to my pet frog, watching British television series, or making things. I knit, I make pottery (from clay – no paint-your-own for me, thank you and please), I occasionally draw and paint, and I bake.

I also enjoy spending time with amazing women (and men) who have also decided to share their stories – both the books they have written and the stories of their struggles to write and publish them.

Which is why I’m here. To share my story with you and to hopefully hear yours, too.



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