What Is A Bad Girl?

As should be clear from the name of the site, Bad Girlz Write. But what else do they do?

A Bad Girl…

  • greets guests at the door with a mimosa and a smile.
  • prepares for a writer’s conference by planning her outfit…and when that’s settled, starts working on her pitch.
  • Tweets, plots, cooks, and shops for shoes all at the same time.
  • embraces her guilty pleasures without shame—life already gives us enough reasons to feel guilty!
  • thinks happiness is writing a story for herself, and finding readers just as weird as she is to appreciate it.
  • might take comfortable shoes to a writer conference, but she’ll also take fabulous looking, not-so-comfy shoes and a big can of foot numbing spray. There’s no need to suffer for style.
  • recognizes a kindred Bad Girl, whatever her walk in life.
  • does a dance for success.
  • shares her wisdom, her heartbreak and her happiness with her friends. And the internet.

In that spirit, this blog was formed by a group of Bad Girlz who wanted to share their stories of writing, revising, publishing, and generally trying to stay sane while weathering these many storms. We’ll bring you our tales from the front, and we’d love to hear your stories, too.

So please, join us: sit back, kick off those fabulous shoes, and pour yourself a drink. Because remember: A pessimist sees the glass half-empty. An optimist sees the glass half full. A bad girl doesn’t care: either way, it’s time for a refill!


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