Darcy Drake the Great!

My second choice was ‘the Cake,’ which I’m still deliberating over switching for the current title. I’d like to think I’m pretty awesome, just like one of Jenna Patrick’s cakes. You haven’t seen them yet, but trust me, she’s a cake decorating genius! If I was a cake and she decorated me, then ‘Darcy Drake the Cake’ would be a friggin’ amazing title.

[/end cold open]

My name is Darcy and I write paranormal mysteries with romantic elements. I also dabble in science fiction and the paranormal. Basically that means my stories contain weird stuff like zombies, haunted dishwashers, super dead bodies, and people deciding to get all mushy and fall in love. If you couldn’t tell, I have a tiny, insignificant, barely-worth-mentioning sense of humor. My overall goal for 2012 is to countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve as a represented writer. Represented by an actual agent. Shocking, huh? That’s the place in my little career in progress I’m at and the direction I want to take. We’ll see what happens!

Back to my introduction. If you like random nerd trivia, in depth film analysis, and help writing queries/pitches, then I’m your girl. Definitely an extravert, I love meeting new people and helping my fellow writers. If I see a fantastic opportunity, you can bet I’ll pass it along. Social media is such an enabler for me and my natural tendency to go ‘Have you seen this? And this? Have you queried this person? Have you? They’re perfect for you!’ My intentions are good, promise.

When I’m not being all writerly, I’m giving fashion advice, playing video games, killing myself at the gym, and crying over something Phantom of the Opera related. Currently there is a rumor going around that Anna O’Byrne might be the West End alternate Christine. This has to happen or I will cry! [/end drama queen moment]

I can’t wait to share my thoughts and experiences on this blog with you and my fellow Badgirlz!

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