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I want to start by saying thanks for coming to the Badgirlz blog. I hope you find something helpful on your visit.

Today, I’d like to talk about what I found to be my biggest challenge when I started pursuing this wonderful, crazy, writing career. Opening up to others!

I had two major things going against me as an aspiring author. First, I was scared to death to show my work to anyone. I kept it nestled tight to my bosom, safe from criticism, safe from thieves that may steel my idea–which is hilarious considering my first MS was a down-right mess! But, most of all, I wanted to stay safely away from someone telling me, “You suck, stick to your day job.” If I didn’t let anyone read my work, then who could tell me that my life-long dream was nothing more than that, “a dream.”

Second, I was scared to go out and meet other writers. What if they were better than me? What if I went in there and they detected that I was an imposter? A GREEN, know-nothing-about-the-craft, want-to-be writer? I emailed my local chapter, ONE YEAR before I actually went to the first meeting.

Don’t waste that year. Do it now!

I’ll never forget walking into my first meeting, shaking in my shoes. I was a nervous wreck. Then a wonderful thing happened. Jenna Patrick and Sydney Carroll smiled at me and waved me over to a seat next to them and just like that, my journey to badgirlism began. I wasn’t as green as I’d thought, either. Everyone applauded when I told them I had a finished manuscript under my belt. They didn’t care that it went against all the writing rules and regulations and would make an agent throw her hands up and cry. They were just happy that I’d put my story on paper.

We had a wonderful speaker come to one of our meetings last year for a workshop and I found out that there had been a local romance writer chapter literally ten minutes from my house, when I lived in Virginia. Years I sat in Virginia alone, trying to pursue this thing on my own, missing out on workshops, knowledge, great Authors sharing their secrets on the craft. It had been right there at my fingertips and I’d missed it. It was heartbreaking.

I can’t even tell you in words how much I’ve learned and grown as a writer since I braved that first meeting. Now, I would be down-right lying if I told you that it’s easy for me now to open up to others and have others read my work. Though it is so much easier than it used to be, it’s still a little frightening for me. But I do it. I do it because I want more than anything to be a published Author one day and see this dream that has been stirring in my heart my entire life come to light.

So if you are that green want-to-be writer, get on line and find a local chapter. Go to a writer’s conference. Join RWA or whatever organization will help you get one step closer to seeing your dreams come true. Don’t let years pass you by. Be strong. You can do it.

Always remember to Dream Big!

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