Author Spotlight: Sam B. Morgan


Today we welcome Sam B. Morgan to be our Badgirl for a Day. Author of male/male romance with a brand new book released yesterday – tell us a little about yourself, Sam.

A little. Okay… My name is Sam. I write contemporary male/male romance about complex men. Gritty, hot, and dark but with humor. Let’s say I have a law enforcement background and leave it at that. Also, I’m amused at being a “Badgirl for a Day,” but I’ll take it. I’ve been called a lot f*cking worse. Can I say f*cking here?

You can. That’s why we have the asterisk. Tell us about your debut novel.

A Rookie Move is about two characters who circled my brain for a year.  Mike and Nate work together as partners for the LAPD.  Mike was Nate’s training officer and continues on as his partner after his rookie year. Mike’s been a police officer for most of his life and he’s damn good at his job. He’s secure in his sexuality, but keeps it close to his chest.  Nate is the golden boy rookie that shows up and complicates the hell out of Mike’s life, in the best possible way.

Nate is a rich boy whose past has shaped him and propelled him into joining the force. His relationship with his current girlfriend is plodding along and failing, the same as all his previous relationships. It isn’t until he starts working with Mike that the chemistry between them flares and he starts to question everything about his life. It’s got action, compelling characters, and great sex.

It’s published with Loose Id Publishing – great place by the way – and hit virtual shelves yesterday. Shameless segue into self promo.Boom! Get some of that:

What inspired you to start writing?

 Like most writers, I started creating characters and worlds as a kid. We’d be playing cops and robbers and I’m the one coming up with backgrounds and details for the villains. Blurring the lines between who is “good” and who is “bad.” I needed to know the bad guys’ motivation and sometimes the good guys would do bad things. I still create in pretty much that same style. Character sketch first; plot second.

What are you working on next?

 I’m currently working on a story that delves into rehabilitation of the body and the soul.  Douglas Brody is a homicide detective who gets injured on the job – a job that’s the focus of his entire life. He uses work to fill a huge emotional void that he refuses to recognize. Once that is removed, even temporarily, everything changes.

Zack is the Physical Therapist who gets stuck with rehabbing the patient no one else can handle.  Zack is a big, smiling moose of a PT. He loves his job and the challenge of helping people recover. Brody is his toughest case yet, especially since he’s attractive as hell and exactly Zack’s type. Zack is out, but realizes Brody is either arrow straight or so deep in the closet he can’t see light.  And Zack swore he’d never go down that painful path again.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give other writers?

Surround yourself with fellow writers. Immerse yourself in the culture; learn and build on what you know and never quit. Accept that your writing will always be a work in progress. You probably cringe at what you wrote 5 years ago. Maybe now you think it sucked, but that means you’re getting better.

Thank you for visiting the Badgirlz! Thank you for having me. Write on.

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