Welcome to the Ladies of Laptops & Lingerie!

The Ladies of Laptops & Lingerie are excited to be joining the Bad Girlz in the month of October! But who are we? We’re a group of four very diverse writers who stumbled on one another and ended up forming a remarkably effective critique group. We were chatting about book promotion on the way home from a Georgia Romance Writer’s meeting in February 2012 when someone got the bright idea of starting a multi-author blog. Most of us are fans of the celebrated Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog (if you’re not, we strongly suggest you check it out) and blogging together sounded like a blast. After all, our very different styles and strengths are exactly what make our critique group work. We started tossing around names, ideas, and lots of opinions. Eventually, Laptops & Lingerie was born. Now, let us introduce you to the crew!

C.E. is our southern sweetheart and grammar girl extraordinaire. Her work ranges from novels with strong romantic elements to memoir to coming-of-age mainstream. But no matter the genre, she aims to evoke a host of emotions that touch the reader in a personal way. She loves old movies, traveling, and vanilla sugar wafer cookies. She’s currently working on a joint project with her author sister as well as a solo book based on a trip to Italy. She just got back her rights for her published short story and it working on expanding it into a full length novel.

Ginny is our paranormal bad girl and networking maven. She specializes in edgy, quirky tales of southern vampires, wraiths, trolls, werewolves, witches, sirens and more. Not to mention fascinating mixes of any and all of the above. She loves cinnamon rolls, dancing to Nine Inch Nails, and wenching at the Renaissance fair in between work, writing, school, and family. Plus, her hand-made corsets are comfy and cute. She’s been busy inking contracts lately and will surely have exciting news to share with the world soon.

Maggie is our nerdy eccentric and official craft freak. She writes light erotic romance because she thinks sex is important but can’t type “pulsing manhood” with a straight face. She loves hair flowers, polka dots, Godiva chocolate, horror movies, and MENSA brainteasers. She generally has three or four projects going at once and is currently trying her hand at a comedic mystery. Her published backlist includes Page 93 and Screw Me Once, her new novella Tex-Mex Sex Hex will be available from Ellora’s Cave on Halloween, and she’s looking forward to presenting at GRW’s Moonlight & Magnolias conference this year.

Virginia is our life-in-the-smalltown-south storyteller and everyone’s number one cheerleader. Her books have a little bit of everything: tons of humor, deep south flair, a host of fun characters, romantic elements, and the paranormal. Her “other self” is all about paranormal and historical YA. She loves history-themed road trips, karaoke, and Hershey’s almond bites. And she somehow manages to balance a family and writing with attending nursing school full time. We all think her Sugar Hill, Alabama series is completely hilarious and we can’t wait for her to finish the first one and land an agent.

Well, that’s us: different, daring, and determined to make this writing thing work. We hope you’ll stop by in October for our individual posts and drop by our blog when you get the urge!

– The Ladies of Laptops & Lingerie

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