When is Enough, Enough?

I’m not sure about the rest of America but I will be so glad when this election is over. It’s not that I don’t love my

country and want to do my part by voting, I just want people to leave me alone about it. Every night for weeks now someone has called my house trying to influence me to vote one way or another. Every television program is flooded with commercials telling us, “Don’t vote for him, he is untrustworthy.” When I walked to the pole today to cast my vote, (Yay NC for early voting) I still had people trying to influence my decision. If I hadn’t made up my mind at that point, I shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Enough is enough!       

Let’s talk about telemarketers. Have you heard this one? “There is nothing wrong with your account, but it’s very important that you contact us right away.” I have told these people over and over to leave me alone and I warn them I’m on the do-not-call-list (doesn’t help at all).  Still they call at least three times a week. I was so frustrated with one company, I demanded to be taken off their calling list right away. While the man was typing in my information, (I assumed he needed the information to take me off the list) he started asking me personal questions . . . creepy, personal questions until I hung up and reported him to my State Attorney General’s office. Enough is enough!

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if my manuscript feels the same way. After I write my original story, I set it aside for a week or so and then go back and start my first edits. When I go back and read the pages I’d edited the day before, I edit again. Before I send it to my critique partner, I edit some more. As I was working on suggested edits from my critique partner the other day, I realized my story needed something. I knew exactly what the manuscript needed to fix the problem but I would have to start on page one and re-edit the entire thing. I truly feel the changes could make the story better but I can’t help but wonder if my manuscript is screaming, “Enough is enough! “

I want my story to be the best it can be and rewriting won’t be easy. It will take a lot of work and a long time. While I’m rewriting do I leave the editors and agents who requested material waiting for their submissions? I thought my story was ready when I pitched it a month ago but now I’m not so sure.

So what do I do? Let me tell you, this dilemma has left me in an evil mood. I guess I know what I can dress up as for Halloween this year.  Give me a pointy hat and a broom and I’m set.

So I ask you fellow writers, when do you know . . . enough is enough?

Remember to dream big!




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