Writer Snaps to You!

I was talking to a friend the other day on the phone. She was out of sorts over a review of her book. She’s had great reviews, but there’s always that one. You know the one. It’s written in poor English and tears down even the best of books. Amid the discussion of how not everyone is going to love you, and not everyone needs to love you for you to have great sales, it hit me. She has a book review! The fact that someone out there read her book and wrote even negative words about it is amazing! How many years did she toil to get to the point of having reviews? She should savor that one bad review because it means she has a book out for people to read.

When I hung up the phone with my friend, I started thinking about the other things we should be celebrating instead of bemoaning…

This writer gig is a hard business. We’re constantly beat down by rejections. We beat ourselves up in an attempt to be better writers. And, we beat on each other to make our circle of friends achieve their writer goals. That’s a lot of beating! So, we need to remember to celebrate our successes as well. It’s easy to say, “Oh my little milestone is nothing. It doesn’t matter.” But, it’s huge! No matter how small the accomplishment, we have to take the time to happy dance over our successes.

If you’re getting rejections, that means you’re putting yourself out there and chasing your dream. Many people don’t have the courage to do that. Celebrate it!

If you’re knee deep in edits, that means you finished your manuscript and have something to edit. Celebrate it!

If you’re at that point in your story where you hate your characters and wonder how you’ve ever written anything worth reading. Well, in my experience, this just means you’re sitting at 50k on your word count and you need to finish your book. *grins* But that also means you’ve written 50k as well as other manuscripts. Celebrate it!

My point is this: No matter how small the accomplishment, in this business you have to do a little dance over every success. What writer milestone did you achieve in the past week or two? It doesn’t matter how small; I’d love to hear about it. I think we’ve all earned some writer snaps. (Yes, that was a Legally Blonde reference and no, I’m not above breaking out the snap cup.)


xx – E. Michels

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