“For tomorrow I know all those Who girls and boys will wake bright and early.
They’ll rush for their toys and then, oh the noise! Oh the noise, noise, noise, noise!
There’s one thing I hate: all the noise, noise, noise, noise!”
–The Grinch from the movie adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I love social media, but occasionally I admit I agree with the Grinch. The endless stream of chatter is a lot to take in when combined with the constant rumble of the fictional voices in all of our heads.

I spent Thanksgiving with my family in the mountains. Arriving well prepared, I unloaded my laptop, phone and wifi hotspot from the car. I was ready for the holiday! My plan was to write a little every day, tweet my hopefully amusing turkey cooking updates and post to Facebook heart-felt holiday wishes to all of my friends. However, every morning I got up and looked at my laptop, propped against the wall in the corner of the bedroom still zipped inside the case, and walked past it on the way to get a cup of coffee. I glanced at my phone once as I grabbed my sunglasses from my purse to go for an afternoon walk; and I moved the hotspot to make room for pies on the kitchen counter.

I hadn’t intended on taking a break, unplugging from everything and sitting my phone down, but I think sometimes your mind knows when it needs quiet time.

Normally, I would have been frustrated with my lack of efficiency with social media and with no forward progress on writing, but this holiday weekend I needed a break. No guilt allowed. Writing requires focus and I could feel mine slipping from being spread too thin across social media as well as in real life. Today, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle words and a few tweets. Even as I write this, my fingers feel re-energized, ready to pound out the end of my wip. My mind is buzzing with ideas, wanting to make it onto paper. I miss my Twitter friends and I want to know what’s going on in the world again. Unplugging successful! And in the process I managed to pull off Thanksgiving dinner and catch up with family. I hope all of you bad girl writers of the world had a fabulous holiday!

Do you ever feel the need to unplug to escape the noise, noise, noise, noise?

xx – E. Michels

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