Just Run With It

After the awesomeness that was Fiona McLaren’s post yesterday, I’m tempted just to take the day off. Maybe stretch out, drink a mimosa or two, read a Victoria Dahl book and… No? Fine. But I am not changing out of my fancy-pants pajama pants. 😉

This week I have had my first experience with pure pantsing. At least, pantsing on a story in a way that I have never pantsed before. Pants… the final frontier… where no pants have pantsed before… AHEM.


I was feeling the itch to create new material between finishing a rough draft and jumping headfirst into the editing process. I needed to take a mental break from that story, that world, and those characters.

My first attempt at a novella failed miserably. It crashed and burned. Or I set it on fire because I couldn’t connect with the story at all. After putting the attempt aside, I thought I was also going to have to give up on producing new material and start on my edits sooner than I have planned. But then, I had an idea….

It wasn’t much of an idea. A blur of sexy gladiators, an alien queen in mourning, and a competition to be her studmuffin. And instead of pulling out the character sheets, writing the blurb, and drafting a quick plot outline like I would normally do for my full length fiction, I juuuuust started writing.

Then, I wrote…

…and then I wrote…

…and gosh darn it, wouldn’t you know? I wrote so’more.

Now I am a scene away from finishing this smexy little Sci-Fi short and it feels so fucking good to have written something new. To know that I will be able to hit ‘The End’ on a completed rough draft. However, I say that with a note of caution as I am writing this by the seat of my pants and the story could pull a fast one on me. Considering it now I don’t think I would mind if the story threw me a curve and I had to add another scene or ten. The unknown is what makes this novella fun and it’s been a wonderful experience.

Sometimes you just have to grab that idea and run with it. Run, sprint, crawl, and perhaps be dragged behind when your characters’ actions surprise the hell out of you. Just run.


Can’t wait to welcome Jessica Lee tomorrow on Bad Girlz Write! I better make sure there’s more mimosa supplies for our next Bad Girl For A Day. 😉

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