What do you want?

I’m about to get a little personal up in here, so bear with me.

In life, there are things we’d like to have and things we want.  Right now, I’d like to have another cup of coffee. Do I want it bad enough to get off my duff and make another pot? Mmm, not really. 

I want to be a published author. Notice I’m not specific about traditional pub, digital, or small print. I’d like traditional, but I’d like digital too. I’m not twisted up over the mode of distribution; I just want to be published. 

Because I want it, I work toward it.  I’m driven to work, because my desire is so strong.  I get up early & stay up late to write. Instead of napping on weekends during the two 2.5 hour spans of the only alone time I have all week, I write. The housework? Eh. I’ll catch as catch can. I’d like a spic and span home, but I want to finish editing this manuscript more.  My point is, if you want something – really WANT  it – you have to do the work.  If not, it’s all lip service.  Pageant contestants that want world peace? That’s sweet, but are they actually doing anything to help accomplish this desire?  Volunteering for humanitarian organizations, Peace Corp, Food banks?  If so – awesome. Then it is something they really want.

Locally, we’ve experienced strife in our writers group. Honestly, what group doesn’t experience strife at some point?  It’s inevitable.  But we’ve come together and decided we want peace and prosperity among our members.  Because this is something we all want, we’ve done the talking, apologizing, forgiving, fence mending, and communicating required to get past the turmoil. It’s one thing to say, “I want to move on.”  That’s a nice sentiment and good luck with it. But in order to really move on, you have to talk and clear the air. Sometimes you have to admit you were wrong or out of line. It’s okay! We’ve all screwed up (that we definitely includes me), but we continue to do the work required to keep this peace and have the productivity we want. I’ve seen so many women step up, it’s inspiring. I Want this to continue and therefore I’ll continue to do whatever I can to see that it will.

Whether it’s the road to publication or the road to working together effectively, we all have to walk the talk in order to make it happen.

Here’s to the things we WANT. What do you want for next year?

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