Achievements Come in All Sizes

Ah, the new year!  A time to let bygones be bygones.  A chance to look forward and dream yourself into whoever you want to be.  A moment of reflecting on the past and putting it in a box you may never come back to.  It can be so invigorating, so exciting, so…depressing.

Like many others, I didn’t exactly follow through on my 2012 resolutions.  I didn’t sign with an agent or final in a contest.  My kids’ scrapbooks are now THREE years behind.  Those size 6 jeans will have to collect more dust on the shelf in my closet.  And the bar in my kitchen is still my family’s junk collector.  Five resolutions, none of them achieved.  What have I been doing all year that I couldn’t make at least one of them happen?

This year, instead of making excuses for why I didn’t follow through on those 5 resolutions, I decided to focus on five things I did achieve.  Maybe it doesn’t make up for the others, but at least I can prove to myself that the year wasn’t completely wasted.

Jenna P.’s Top 5 2012 Achievements (in no particular order)

1.  Learned how to blog and, along with my bad girlz, developed the bad girlz blog site.  And I think it’s been pretty successful thus far, how about you?

2.  Completed one manuscript and finished the first draft of a second while meeting multiple deadlines at my day job.

3.  Managed to fully plan and successfully execute a multi-family vacation to Disney World without having a complete meltdown (exponentially increasing the number of unscrapped pictures in my box).

4.  Aided my best friend of thirteen years, Maddie Mae, in her last few months of life.  We miss you, Big Girl!

5.  Helped teach my kindergartener how to read (adding to the clutter on my kitchen bar), and my third grader how to do a roundoff back-handspring.

Maybe I didn’t achieve any of the things I set out to do, but that doesn’t mean the last 365 days were a bust.  I did work at achieving them, but along the way there just seemed to be things that were more important.  It’s like I tell my girls – some days one of them will need me more than the other…doesn’t mean I love either of them more or less.  This year I had things to attend to that needed my attention more than the five I started out with…doesn’t mean I didn’t try or didn’t want those things bad enough.

Looking forward to 2013, I will keep those same five resolutions on my to do list with one in addition.  This year I resolve to not get so stressed out when life gets in the way of those first five, because I’m not a failure.  I’m a woman who wears many different hats and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I challenge you to think of five things you did achieve this year, no matter how small they may seem, and share them with us so that we can celebrate with you!

Happy New Year!

Jenna P.

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