At Least There’s A Parking Spot At The Gym?

Ah, late January. All the Christmas lights are (probably) down, winter’s chill is here for real, and the pretty white coat of snow is tinged with grey gunk from all the salt. The days are getting longer, but it still feels like it gets dark at four o’clock. Junk food has snuck its way back into the cupboard, and the parking lot at the gym is finally thinning out.

Quite a difference from the beginning of the month, no? When everything was still twinkling lights and new toys and optimism about resolutions we were all finally going to really make work this time. (No, really!)

My first blog post of the year was scheduled for January 3, and for a while, I debated making like Sydney and Jenna and writing something New Year’s themed. After seeing both of them hit it out of the park, though, I decided to wait, because for me, the problem with New Year’s resolutions isn’t making them but keeping them. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

So with the beginning of the year drawing to a close, let’s revisit those little promises we all made back a month ago, shall we?

While I have some good, solid, measurable goals surrounding word count, weight loss, etc, my resolutions this year were a bit more general—more attitudes than targets. They fell into two broad categories: things to say ‘yes’ to and things to say ‘no, thank you’ to.

Say ‘yes’ to more invitations (both social and professional), to little pockets of time that could be spent writing, to vegetables.

Say ‘no, thank you’ to time-wasting web sites, to toxic people, and to second helpings.

On the whole, I think I’m doing all right. Not great, certainly not perfect, but all right. But it’s never a bad time to double down, right?

So to keep those attitudes and ambitions top of mind, now, when it’s tempting to let them slip, I’m writing them on little post-it notes and putting them next to my laptop and inside the front cover of my journal and in my wallet. They’re just little reminders that New Year’s isn’t the only time to try to be my best. It’s something to work on every day of the year. It’s something to work on right now.

(Another thing to say ‘no, thank you,’ to? Procrastination.)

Anybody else care to check in? How are you doing making this year your best one yet?

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