Bad Girl For A Day: Jenna McCormick – “Work-Life Balance”

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            Thanks for having me here, Bad Girlz! Always a pleasure to chill with you. And man, I need to chill in the worst way.

       No Mercy     In 2012 I wrote 365,000 keeper words. That translates into four full length novels and one novella. I e-published one book, serialized another with monthly releases and the rest were sold to my publisher with accompanying deadlines. Writing, editing, promoting, maintaining two public profiles, along with my indie imprint, Captiva Heart. Running the Sanibel Moon website, twitter feed, facebook page as well as critiquing and beta reading for other writers. Somebody order me a mimosa, stat!

            In some ways, it was my best year ever. Sales went up, my production way up. I just released the final installment of my Caught Up In You serial on January 2 and have one of my all-time favorite heroes, Zan the Space Pirate’s book, No Mercy coming out later this month and my first anthology in March. I traveled the galaxies in my own mind, visited alien worlds and got up to some kinky hijinx with Daisy Dominatrix and Baily and Connor from the Edgeplay serial.


            Unfortunately, I now feel like something stuck to the bottom of someone’s shoe. Part of it is the sedentary nature of what I do, but the other part was me, pushing too hard and not stopping to smell the roses. Since October I’ve been rehabilitating my neck and shoulder, which is all jacked up from way too much time hunched over my keyboard. The monthly trip to the chiropractor wasn’t enough to offset the damage I was doing with my crazy schedule.

            The repetitive injury drove one point home. Something’s gotta give. And if I don’t choose what now, that something will be my neck snapping like a twig. Having pre-arthritic symptoms at thirty three bites, but not as much as being unable to function ten years down the road will.

            So my New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to achieve a work-life balance. The first step was to get my priorities in order. Caught up in you part1

  1. Health—involving cardio as well as stretching exercise and adjusting my diet. Healthy meals take longer to make. It’s time consuming but I’ve got places to go and pounds to lose, so it’s a necessary evil.
  2. Family— I’m fortunate that I don’t have to have a day job. But I still have two very active little boys and a husband that deserve some of my time and attention. Not to mention the world’s neediest beagle.
  3. Writing— In saner doses. One to three thousand words a day including blogging, promotion, tweets, Facebook posts and all that. Just like the diet, I’m sure I’ll have moments where I’ll cheat on this, but overall, I’m determined to keep it within reason. And to take actual breaks throughout the day, of the up and moving around kind, not the facebook kind. I’ve got three books planned out for the year, none with immediate deadlines, which takes some of the pressure off.
  4. Everything else—This is the something that is going to give. The time vampires like Facebook, Twitter, yahoo groups and online forums that deplete my reserves. The in-person commitments too. Yes, I want to repaint the living room but not at the cost of any of the above.

            I know this won’t be easy. It’s going to take dedication and commitment on my part. Then again, so does writing a book. And I’ve managed to do that a few times so I know I’m up for it.

            So tell me, have you managed to achieve a work-life balance yet? And how’s it working out for you? One random commenter, chosen by the Bad Girlz, will receive a free ebook in Kindle, Nook or PDF format from my backbreaking backlist. Happy New Year and happy reading!

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