Writerly Resolutions

How are you spending the first day of a new year? Hung over? Looking back over the year, mulling over your achievements and failings? Decompressing from holiday travels? Dreading going back to work tomorrow? All of the above? Yeah, that’s pretty much me.
But, in addition to all that, I’m looking forward, too. While my black eyed peas simmer on the stove, I’m hoping the New Year will be one of renewed commitment and faith in myself as a writer. For me, 2012 was a full, full, year: full of great happiness, more than a little loss, and major changes. But I’m not going to lie—2012 was a total bust, career and creativity-wise. So besides my typical resolutions of eating sensibly and getting my shit together, I’ve got a few writing goals, and I’m making them as specific as possible, in order to know whether or not I’ve actually achieved them.
Here they are:
1. Have the manuscript that’s been gathering dust out for submission by May 1st.
2. Have a draft of a new project done by the end of the summer.
3. Try my hand at something different, like a novella or a short story.
4. Try not to over-edit as I’m writing. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot and become a much better writer for it, but it slows me down and causes me to second-guess, nit-pick and polish until a day’s work can be measured in one paragraph. I want to stop myself from editing mid-sentence and get back some of the old enthusiasm (and speed) I had when I was a newbie.
I hope that all of you out there working toward publication have a great 2013! So tell me, what are your writerly resolutions?

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