Your Right To Paaaaartay!



I believe in celebrations. Birthdays, Anniversaries, milestones of all sorts, successes – they’re all worth a squee. I’ll even celebrate for the sake of celebration. Dionysus wasn’t all wrong.

If you’re a writer, you have to celebrate the little things because it can take years to reach one of the biggies – not to mention the rejection and moments of le sad that come with this biz. Luckily, I’m part of a critique group that also believes in a little Rah-Rah-Rah for the cause or they just humor me because I love any excuse to cheer. We celebrate writing THE END of a manuscript, sending off queries or submissions, getting contracts, requests, etc. etc.

This past week & weekend, I was able to celebrate some writer successes for myself and others:

 1) I sent off my completed rough draft (the somewhat edited and hopefully coherent version) to 2 crit partners.         <–Success!

2)  I managed to write this rough draft in just over 3 months.  For people who don’t write, this seems like eons. To put it in prospective, my first book took me about a year to finish the rough draft.  This is major progress! I’m sure some other book may take longer, but this was cooperative. This is big for me! I’m learning my Process and what works. <–Success!

3)  EMichels wrote The End of her MS too. <– Success!

Because I don’t live locally to anyone in my critique group, often the celebrating is postponed.  It’s no big, but everyone likes real time, immediately gratifying Woo Hoo!s  In life, you’ve got to improvise and never, ever pass up the opportunity to celebrate your successes.  I suggest the following for all you writing badgirlz that live at large or can’t get together immediately to recognize your accomplishments:

1)      Skype video chats. These are awesome things. I love to skype! You can sit on your couch with your facial peel and/or glass of beverage and jibber-jabber away. It’s the next best thing to meeting up for happy hour.

2)      A phone call full of Squee! with your crit partner(s).  If you can conference call, it’s even better. Not that email isn’t great, but nothing is better than quality chat time with your girlfriends.

3)      The group text of chaos. Mayhem might ensue b/c everyone is texting at once, but that’s part of the fun.

My point is, no matter how small you think it is, when you get good news or conquer a task, do not keep it all to yourself. Share with your people, connect, and do the flailing run around the room dance together. I promise it will keep you bolstered the next time something or someone tries to take the wind out of your high flying sails.

What are your recent successes, big or small? Let’s all celebrate! *breaks out dance music*


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