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Thursday night I attended the Greenville, SC chapter of Sisters in Crime. http://www.sincupstatesc.blogspot.com/

It’s a writers group that exists to promote the professional development and advancement of women crime writers to achieve equality in the industry.  However, their members write everything from mystery, suspense, and thrillers to historical fiction, paranormal, and memoirs – and some of the sisters are men. =)  While many of their meetings feature speakers from the law enforcement community (speaking on weapons, procedurals, etc.) they also have editors, authors, and writing gurus who would benefit any writer.

I attended Thursday because Nina Bruhns, bestselling author and Editorial Director for Entangled Publishing’s Suspense line, was the guest speaker. It was an informal and enlightening night as almost thirty of us sat around a large circle of tables and talked writing biz.


Nina is an editor, but also a romantic suspense author, both traditionally and digitally published. This gives her a unique perspective on the industry because she’s worked and written in almost every facet. I pitched to Nina and she was gracious enough to answer a few questions for our blog (more on that in a bit). But first, here’s the skinny on what we discussed during her program:

  • Entangled Suspense just broadened the line of what they published:
    • Word counts anywhere from 40 to 100k
    • They’re looking for romance with elements of suspense, mystery, or thriller and the ratio can be anywhere from 80/20 romance/suspense element or 20/80.
    • They’re looking at everything from contemporary to historical, paranormal, erotic thriller – as long as it has romance and an element of suspense/mystery.
  • Entangled Publishing just signed a deal with Macmillan and St.Martin’s Press to be their distributors.  Macmillan will distribute English language e-books in all domestic and international markets where they currently do business. St. Martin’s will publish in print select Entangled titles. This allows for pre-sales as well as their big sellers to be printed in mass market.
  • Entangled is set up so that no one on staff is salary based. Everyone is Royalty based. That means each Editorial Director, each editor, each publicist, is paid from how well their authors sell. This means, as an author, your editor is very invested and interested in the success of your writing. It’s very much a team atmosphere.
  • Nina’s Hints and Tips for writers:
    • Twitter is where it’s at. Not Facebook, not blogs. Twitter is the world talking and that’s where the readers, writers, agents, and editors are active.
    • Get with your CPs and edit, edit, edit. Don’t have your awesome manuscript refused because of poor grammar.
    • If you’re published, get with your writer friends and do a promo push together. If you have the ability, do a couple of weeks of your book for free and each of you tweet about the other’s free book.

Now for my one-on-one Q&A with Nina Bruhns (McGovy’s first attempt at being a reporter=hilarious).

1.  Where do you see the publishing industry in five years?

God only knows! No, I mean maybe if you asked where I see it in five days…change, change, change. Within five years I think paperback will be a thing of the past. For commercial fiction. Non-fiction, your coffee table books – those will still be in print, but romance, mystery – all digital. Digital sales already outnumber print and the trend will continue. Oh and audio! Audiobooks will be the next big thing. Already it’s started with Amazon and if they’re on it, you can bet it will continue to grow.

2.  What are you interested in seeing in submissions?

As always, a good book.  Anything that’s good. Well written, strong voice. Anything from a cozy to a big thriller. I’d also really love to see an author generated, author driven, multi-author continuity.

Okay…*smile* What does that mean?

Many authors writing within one continuity. A group of authors would create the world, the time, the setting, and each book would focus on different characters and stories, but within the same continuity. I would love to see something like that.

3.  What is one piece of advice you’d give any writer?

My answer is always write every day. If you only write one page a day, in a year you’ll have a book.  And don’t be afraid to submit. What are you waiting for? Get it ready and send it out. If you want to be published with someone, you have to submit it to them.

4.  Finally, because this is Badgirlzwrite and we believe in adult beverages and the desperate need of a teleportation device – what is your favorite adult beverage and where would you sip it if you could teleport there right now?

I’m a daiquiri lover! Has to be traditional though. So a daiquiri for sure and somewhere in the Caribbean. No question.


Thank you to Nina for a great program and cooperating in my impromptu interview!

Write on,


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