#80kHotFoot – Ready… Set… GO!

running-in-heels-ready-set-goBad Girlz’ Book Race
March 15-June 7th
We’re racing to 80K!

Friends don’t let other friends rough draft alone! Save the #80khotfoot hashtag and check back every Friday for the weekly post about the challenge.

running-in-heels-wk1The challenge is called #80khotfoot, but not everyone’s rough draft will end at the same word count. 80,000 words is a good average length for many genres, especially as a target amount for a rough draft. Some writers rough draft short and add more in revisions, while others are the opposite. The rough draft goes on forever and has to be edited down into a beautiful polished product.

What’s your rough draft style?

P. S. Writers beginning a new rough draft with a target of 60k in 12 weeks (or sooner) are welcome in the challenge. Love to our Harlequin and YA friends! 😀

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