Bad Girlz’ Book Race! #80khotfoot

Girlz, I have a book to write! The down side to getting a 3 book deal is that you have to actually write the books…even the third one.  *grins* So, as I wrap up edits on book 2 in this series and get ready to start book 3 I thought it would be the perfect time to start a writer challenge!  I know I’m going to need the accountability of answering to the bad girlz of the world if I’m going to write, edit and submit this book before I leave home for RWA Nationals on July 16th.  (4 ½ months! Ahhhhh!!!)  And, surely I’m not the only one out there who wants to go to Nationals with a completed manuscript.  Am I right? *taps on computer screen* Am I right? Yes, I’m talking to you!

Well, pull out your notes and get your head in the game, because we’re kicking off the Bad Girlz’ Book Race on Friday, March 15th!

running in heels

Yes, we’re starting the big race on the Ides of March and no, we will not be killing people–just manuscripts.  Killin’ ‘em dead!!  LOL  Our race will run until June 7th.  That’s 12 weeks to write a manuscript, (much better odds than Nanowrimo which falls over Thanksgiving and therefore must have been invented by a man who doesn’t cook or shop.  Just sayin’.)  For those of you who are OCD about numbers like I am, if you write 1,000 words a day you can take 4 days off and still hit 80K by the deadline.  We’ll be using the hashtag #80khotfoot to track our progress and yours on Twitter.  Be sure to keep in touch for encouragement or a kick in the ass, whichever is necessary at the time.

This week, I’ll be finishing up my edits on book 2, and submitting the first 2 books in my series to my editor.  I have my plot notes, and I’m ready to rock on book 3! *cracks knuckles and puts on game face* I have an 80,000 word historical romance calling my name!

Again, here are the details:

Bad Girlz’ Book Race

March 15-June 7th

We’re racing to 80K!


Are you ready for the Bad Girlz’ Book Race to begin? Who’s in?  What story are you writing?

Girlz, start your engines!

xx – E. Michels


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