Book Baby Blues

The last time it was my turn here at Bad Girlz Write, I gave you the skinny on my sixteen-month-long journey to bring my new book, Take What You Want, from concept to published manuscript.

Today, I’m going to give you just a little more of that journey. It’s the part I tend not to talk about too much, because, really, what do I have to complain about? I had a book published, by a publisher I’m crazy-proud to work with, and it’s even gotten good reviews.

That said, for me at least, it happens every time. After the dust has settled, after the promotional blog posts and the tweeting and the interacting with readers and—let’s be honest here—the obsessive sales-rank stalking (and the even more obsessive and less successful efforts not to stalk my sales rank), it happens: The book baby blues.

My baby is out there in the world, and I’m delighted and…kind of down.

I think it’s a combination of a lot of factors. There’s a huge amount of work that goes into making a book, and a lot of excitement and activity those first couple of weeks after it comes out. But eventually, it all dies down. My introvert self gets exhausted with all the putting myself out there, and besides, you can only self-promote so much before people start to get annoyed with you. So it’s back to quiet land. My next manuscript is a work in progress, and my next release date is a long, long nine months away. Sales rank stalking aside, I won’t have any actual concrete sales information in my hands for a few months. And I’m a little bit adrift.

So I’m taking a bit of time. I’m still working on my next book, and I’m still working to keep up a bit of visibility for Take What You Want, even now that the first main push is over. But I’m also filling the void left in its wake with some books I’ve been looking forward to reading and some Netflix-binging and a crafting project or two that I’ve been neglecting. I’m limiting refreshing web sites that tell me how my book is doing to once a day (or twice, maybe, I’m only human after all).

I’m doing all the things a person does when they’re coming down off a high. I’m leveling out.

If experience bears out, in another week, I’ll get back to my normal daily grind of work. I’ll get back to normal…right up until I get the chance to do it all again. I’ll remember the rhythms and the ups and downs—I’ll enjoy the highs and be prepared for the lows.

Because book baby blues or not, I wouldn’t give up a second of it. Not for all the world.

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