Out With the Old, In With the New!

As you know, our lovely Elizabeth Michels initiated a writing challenge yesterday. The Bad Girlz’ Book Race. I usually stay away from writing challenges. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s my fear of letting others see me fail. However, I’m setting fear aside and am actually excited about this one. You see, I’ve set a deadline for the book I’m currently working on now and it just so happens to be around March 15th! What great timing, right? Plus, I really need to work on something new and this is why.

I’ve been doing rewrites on my latest book for months now. This book is about to drive me insane. I can go from loving it to hating it in a matter of seconds. Okay, hate is a strong word that I usually don’t allow in my house, but at times, I really DON’T LIKE IT!

I’ve never had a project like this one, which leaves me second guessing myself ALL the time. For example, I get it-but will the reader get it? Is the conflict strong enough or should her life be more disastrous? Does my heroine come across as likable or whiny  Is she growing at the pace she needs to be? Is the black moment, black enough? I can usually tell when my book has met all the criteria it needs to, but with this one, I just don’t know. Second guess! Second guess! Second guess! It’s a miracle I have any hair left.

I’m hoping this book of frustration for me will pay off and turn out to be something readers can actually relate to. I mean can’t we all be likable, yet whiny at times? My heroine’s conflict may not seem life threatening to everyone, but to her, it feels like the end of the world. Second guess, once more!

Thank you, Elizabeth Michels. Like I said before, perfect timing! This will give me the kick in the pants I so desperately need to get this second-guessing, pulling my hair out, book finished and submitted by my goal of March 15th.

Then it’s on to something fresh and light. A romantic comedy! So who’s with us?

Bad Girlz’ Book Race

March 15-June 7th

We’re racing to 80K!



Remember to dream big!



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