Please Let this Bear Out of Her Cave!

As much as I hate to admit this, two weeks ago, (for the FIRST time since I started telling stories) I thought seriously about giving up on my dream of becoming a published author. *hides face in hands* Yep. I was ready to shut the lap top, give away the hundreds of ‘how to’ books, and call it a day. I couldn’t explain this dark place my mind had gone. It was as if I had been attacked by a writer-stealer of dreams demon. It had absorbed me into this horrible place of nothing. This gray-numb-writerless-nothing. Then one day it all became crystal clear. It wasn’t a writer-stealer of dreams demon after all. It was WINTER!

Let me tell you this winter has been LONG for me. I truly felt like a bear that had been hiding in her den for months. I hadn’t gone anywhere or done anything exciting in what seemed like forever. And that included coming up with anything new to write about.

So I did what any bear would do after a long winters nap. I walked outside and took a good look around. Even though there was still a lot of gray looming around, I saw a few green leaves popping out here and there.  The trees had started to fill out. The Iris bulbs were reaching toward the sunlight. Birds chirped in the distance. SPRING WAS COMING TO THE RESCUE. I inhaled the still, very cold air into my lungs and realized I was going to live to write another day. Relief soared through my entire body when I grasped what I had been going through was temporary.

I could feel my creative juices that had been held winter-hostage start to come alive once more. Within the next couple of days things started to turn around for me. I broke out an old novel and started working on edits. I came up with a new idea for a romantic comedy. I even brought out my drawing pad and sketched a picture for my daughter. I was like Frankenstein, “IT’S ALIVE!”

So if there are any writers or readers out their feeling as if you’re walking around under a gray cloud of nothingness, don’t fall into the trap I did and let it steal your dreams. It could be something as simple as WINTER.  Let me assure you, next year I’ll be prepared for it. I won’t hide in the bear’s den again. I’m getting out. Maybe I’ll embrace winter with a ski trip or plan a visit up North to see family. But there’s one thing I will not do. I will not let the coldness of winter cause me to lose focus on my dreams ever again.

Spring is coming. Yay! Just in time for the #80kHotFoot challenge.

Remember to dream big!


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