How A Bunny Becomes A Book: The Dar Implementation

(And yes, I do just like making my blog titles sound like episodes of the Big Bang Theory. And, I also just got way distracted by the awesome things in our media library. Like seriously. I think all the Bad Girlz use it to stockpile distracting images that are not porn but fall into a cousin category of AWESOMELY DISTRACTINGLY HOT AND COOL THINGS. Moving on.)


Bunnies… Unlike my comrades, I know the truth. Bunnies are not cute or cuddly. Bunnies are in fact… EVIL.


Yes, that’s right. Bunnies are secretly the world’s worst pet and how would I know this? I spent a year caring for them, along with a wide assortment of other future pets in a store, during which I conned many a foolish parent into buying one of these floppy-earred rats for their kids.

Rats actually make better pets.

So when I thought about the comparison to my writing process to a bunny, well, it’s pretty much perfect.

Bunnies bite.

Bunnies kick.

Bunnies scratch.

Bunnies will shit all over your home and life.

When I’m trying to write a book, on deadline and in some sort of rational manner, the book rebels and becomes just like one of those evil bunnies. I’m the dumb parent who has been conned into thinking this will be a great pet for their kid, but instead I’m the writer who thinks this book will bring her peace of mind or sanity or-

NO. Nope. It’s a battlefield to finish a book, just like it is to have a bunny for a pet. And there is no happy ending to this story of war and pellet-littered pantries, because after you write one book… you think it’s a good idea to write another. Just like the mysterious appearance of another bunny in your home, because HA, that bunny wasn’t a boy after all. And bunnies, just like books, have a way of multiplying.

Be brave. xoxo Dar

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