Meet the Real Bad Girlz!

SC picSydney Carroll was the drummer for the hit band, Sparkle Cat Suit until they split over a disagreement involving platform shoes and guyliner. Returning to her beach-side shack, penniless having spent her fortune on mojitos and men, she invented Cracklins so as not to starve. She now writes from aboard her yacht, living on money from her Cracklin empire.



DD picDarcy Drake was raised by wolves. After leaving her pack and striking out into the wild with only her trusty lighter and some hair product, she began writing at base camp after climbing Everest. Using paper she made herself from collected tree bark, she wrote her first manuscript inspired by her experience of abduction by aliens.



JG picJeanette Grey was raised by a vampire-worshipping cult in a castle in secluded Romania where she learned to be nocturnal. She then came to the United States as a teen to pursue her dream of being a movie star. When she refused to sleep her way to the top, she began writing erotica about all her friends who had no such compunctions. Her hobbies include Grand Theft Auto, historical reenactments, and TARDIS-chasing.



HM PicHeather McGovern grew up on the cold streets of Chicago where she founded a girl gang called The Stilettos. Known for their fierce fighting styles using their own shoes, The Stilettos were more feared than Al Capone. After abandoning her violent past, she now owns a shoe factory as a place of reform and employment for wayward girls where she writes stories about the only men who kick more ass than The Stilettos.


EM picElizabeth Michels was a dockside floozie until the day her ship finally arrived in the form of the inventor and owner of all trademarked glitter. Now happily married these past 5 years, she plans to celebrate her ill husband’s 92nd birthday while skydiving with him and their beloved pool boy. Her hobbies include shopping, plastic surgery and writing lusty stories inspired by the pool boy.



JP PicJenna Patrick was the Madame of the most elite brothel in the Hamptons until she discovered the lack of truth in her girl’s backstories. Fleeing to Tibet, she became a bell ringer in a Tibetan temple for several years until she was thrown out for sneaking cosmos and talking too much. She’s spent the past year writing an entire manuscript on a single grain of rice.



LW picLori Waters is a small town girl who began her career working pit crew in NASCAR. It was there over the roar of a car engine she discovered her love of writing between pull-ins by writing in oil on the bare chest of muscular mechanics. Her hobbies include hand fishing for catfish, frog gigging and long walks on the beach.


I hope you enjoyed this closer look into who the bad girlz are beneath the glitz and glamour. Oh, and I think I forgot to mention:

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!

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