Bad Girl For A Day: Larra Riggs – How I Created My Penname

I’ve had a few friends ask me: “How did you come up with the name for your alter-ego, writing persona, pen name?”

My intention was to write erotica, so I needed something somewhat slutty and smutty, that sounds naughty. A short name that rings well to the ear when spoken aloud. I thought about it for a few weeks and came up with several options. None seemed to fit the sexy image I wanted to portray.

Of course it was easy to come up with first name selections. You have the usual trashy names (no offence to anyone having one of these names, they just sound slutty to me!!) Like: Tammy, Sasha, Starr, Tabitha, Amber, and so on. Unfortunately, none of those turned my sexual crank.

I needed something original and slutty. I continued my search until one day a female friend of mine, from Spain, was talking about another woman we knew named Laura. My Spanish friend pronounced Laura, ‘Larra’, with a long rolling ‘r’ sound. I laughed at the pronunciation and thought That’s it. That’s my new pen name. Larra! It sounds sexy and exotic, it’s different and original. When I went home, I googled the name. It’s a unique, old fashioned Russian name, usually spelled with one ‘r’. It is also the last name of a Spanish writer, spelled with two r’s.

Voila! Larra was chosen.

Now, the last name. At the time I began writing erotica I was writing sex scenes for a friend to help her get into the groove of writing smut. Then I began writing my own sexual fantasies to entertain myself and work on my own book. My muse at the time was a friend who I had a severe crush on, with uncontrollable passion, which I mistook for love. It was not love, it was messed up. Regardless, this man is tall, sexy and desirable. He’s a trucker by trade, drove an 18 wheeler as you say. Now he’s an office boy. I started to call him Trucker as a nickname. In my thought process to develop a last name for Larra, I came up with ‘Rig’, since the nickname for these massive trucks is: rig. Now I began to play with the possibility of having rig as Larra’s last name. Except ‘Rig’ sounded too short and did match Larra.

After a few attempts at playing with potential names I settled on: ‘Riggs’. I wrote it with two g’s to match the two r’s. Hence, ‘Larra Riggs’ was born!

How did you create your pen name?


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