Renewing My Vows


If you follow celebrity gossip, you probably heard about Mariah Carey’s fairy tale Cinderella-themed Disneyland wedding to Nick Cannon a few weeks ago. Except they have been married, for…. I don’t know, a while at least. More than a couple of years, I’m pretty sure (I never said I followed this stuff that closely). So it’s really more of a Disney-princess vow renewal rather than a wedding per se. Oh, and apparently they do this every year. I think we can all learn a little something from this slice of Hollywood crazy: re-commitment is important.


A lot of commitments, like a lot of marriages, tend to trundle along by force of their own inertia, without much thought as to whether it’s working–or not–and why. It’s a good idea to take stock from time to time and make sure the commitments we made then are still meaningful in the here and now.


Deciding to pursue writing is a commitment. So is picking a genre. After a few years, how has it gone? Have you made any progress? Is the progress good enough? Is it making you happy, or is it a drain on your energy that would find a greater purpose elsewhere? Is the hot genre you started out writing in not so hot anymore? What do you do? I don’t know (sorry). The answers will be different for all of us, but you’ll never find them if you don’t stop once in a while and ask the questions.


When I started writing, I thought I could get published and make a lot of money without having a “real” job. And Chick Lit was my ticket to the big time, too (coughs). Yeah. Anyway. Fast forward through a lot of learning and a lot of real life later, and where am I? A lot little bit older, a lot wiser, and hopefully a much better (if less prolific) writer for it. I’m still sorry Chick Lit has become a dirty word, and I think there are a lot of good elements that can transcend genre pigeonholes. And my authorial ambitions are no longer about making it big. I’ve learned too much about publishing for that level of naivety anymore. I still want to be published, but not for life-changing $$$. I want to be read because I get a little thrill when I tell a story that makes someone smile.


What can I say? I want to be an entertainer!


So the dream may not be exactly as I’d envisioned, and my writing style, genre, and of course the publishing market, have evolved to say the least. But at the core, I’m committed. Not just to getting something (anything!) finished and out there this year, but I’m committed to the reward within myself that comes from knowing I’ve created a story that will give a reader somewhere out there a little escape from the day to day shitfest that life is sometimes. I’m committed to the friendships I’ve made with my fellow writers and critique partners, and I’m committed to sharing the trials and tribulations of this process with all of you.



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