Syd’s Resolution Redux

Now that it’s May, the sun is finally shining and the days are getting longer, warmer, and just better in general, I think it’s a good time to revisit some of my goals and reservations that I’d mapped out on New Year’s Day. Time to take stock, renew my motivation, and all that good stuff. So how did I do? Where am I? Have I done any damn thing at all?
My first resolution was to have my current manuscript finished and ready for final editing and submission by May 1st. In case you’re wondering the manuscript in question is the one that’s been laughing at my paltry efforts to stay a writer inside the mommy vortex where I’ve spent the past year. I’m not that ashamed to admit I haven’t met the goal, because I’m close. I mean really close, like by the end of next week close. Just as important, the story has come alive to me again. I’m getting those flashes of inspiration and insight into characters that make writing fiction so wonderful. And that, my friend, feels awesome.
My second resolution was to have a draft of a new WIP done by the end of summer. A lot of it is rattling around in my mind already, so that’s good. I also know that this summer might be the busiest one yet as a sufferer of RLS Syndrome.* That aspect is not so good. The jury’s still out on this one. It will be a challenge.
I also wanted to do try my hand at short fiction. I’ve got the idea for that one in the hopper, too. I’m intrigued by flash fiction. I might attempt to go all-out super short for something completely new to me. After finishing Resolution One, I’m going to tackle the short story. It will be a palate cleanser, and it will damn sure be nice to say I’ve done it.
So all in all, I’m still working at it, but optimistically. If you made a bunch of goals in January that you haven’t reached, don’t get discouraged. Resolutions, and their writers, are just as much works in progress as the stories they craft.
Where are you with your writerly (or other) resolutions so far?


*RLS = Real Life Shit Syndrome

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