The Truth of the 3 Book Deal

I get the call…

pic 1 3bd

I’m so happy!!!

pic 2 3bd

Wait…I have how long to turn in 3 books to my publisher? But I only have 1 written…

pic 3 3bd

I can do this, I can do this. I just need to put my game face on and get book 2 done.

pic 4 3bd

But, life does go on, and holidays don’t get canceled just because I’m writing.

Film Title: Mean Girls.

And I still have to exercise.

pic 6 3bd

And I have to make time for the people in my life.

pic 7 3bd

Finally, Book 2 is done and I click send on the email. I am awesome.

pic 8 3bd

I might even get a tiara and a trophy, because I am *that* cool.

pic 9 3bd

But, now I need to write book 3.

pic 10 3bd

And I’m starting to lose my mind because the deadline is closing in.

pic 11 3bd

Things start to get crazy in real life at the same time because life is fair like that.

pic 12 3bd

Things start to get exciting in writer life too. I get cover art, but I can’t show it to anyone yet.

pic 13 3bd

I get my edits back on book 1. Ouch.

pic 14 3bd

And an author pic needs to be turned in soon.

pic 15 3bd

And I still have to write the rest of book 3, so I’m canceling all social engagements.

pic 16 3bd

Let’s just hope at the end of this I’m still sane enough to have a drink with a friend…because I’m going to need one.

pic 17 3bd

I’m off to write now!
xx- E. Michels

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