Do you have a “Writey” Sense?

Recently I received revisions back from my critique partner on my first hundred pages.  One of her comments was I was pacing too fast in a particular chapter and needed to add more information than what I was giving her.  Apparently, Jenna P. needed to cut a little less crap (issue to be covered at another time).

The weird thing was I had questioned all this as I was writing that chapter.  There was a tiny string in the corner of my mind that kept tugging me back to that place saying something wasn’t right.  I didn’t know how to fix it at the time, or even what to really fix, but I knew something had to be fixed.  And then it occurred to me – that string, that strange feeling in my gut – that was my spidey sense talking to me.

Or maybe I should say…my “writey” sense.

I believe that every writer has this so called “writey” sense.  It’s what compels us to type that first word and pulls us toward the end of that chapter.  It’s that shred of uneasiness that keeps us staring at the same page for two days, and that unstoppable grin that spreads over our faces when we re-read that phenomenal scene we wrote last week.  It’s a superpower that gives us the ability to make people laugh, cry, dream, scream, cover their mouths in utter awe, and fall asleep at night imaging what we want them to imagine.

We are superheroes.

Jeanette Grey (AKA Huntress)


Covered in her 2 favorite colors, Jeanette spends her sleepless nights spinning intelligent sci-fi’s, steamy contemporaries, and even steamier erotics to help the poor citizens of Gothem and the rest of the world escape the corruption of their ordinary lives.


Elizabeth Michels (AKA Jubilee)


Armed with makeup, glitter, and sparkles, E. Michels spreads her bubbly personality through saucy, witty historicals that will leave even the largest cynic (Ahem…Jenna Patrick) feeling nice and toasty inside.


Lori Waters (AKA The Invisible Woman)


Don’t let her fool you folks.  That quiet, sweet, invisible demeanor, allows Lori to sneak into your heart undetected with her delicious contemporaries and thoughtful women’s fiction to bring hope back to those who’ve lost it.


Heather McGovern (AKA Alice)


After years of training herself by carefully dissecting all the episodes of The Walking Dead, she’s become quite the zombie expert.  When McGovy’s not battling flesh deteriorating scoundrels, she uses her stories of magic and love to make you believe the impossible is possible.


Sydney Carroll (AKA Foxy Brown)


Decorated in bright eyeliner, top of the line vintage clothing, and a bag of chips in her holster, Syd’s style matches her snarky, laugh-out-loud contemporary romances well.  Think contemporaries are all about love, roses, and chocolate?  Think again!


Jenna Patrick (AKA Black Widow) 


Armed with a knife to slash away useless words, Jenna spends her time weaving thoughtful, intricate family dramas and women’s fiction.  Watch out…her cool, calm approach allows her to fly under the radar and rip your heart out when you least expect it.  But don’t worry – she promises to give it back.


So, what superhero are you?

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