Shipping (and I’m not talking about boxes and envelopes)

I spent the first part of last week still in shock over the ending of Sunday night’s Game of Thrones episode much like many of you, I’m sure. So, when a friend from high school started talking about it on Facebook, I pounced on the conversation topic. That episode left me needing to talk to someone! I mean, what the whaaaaa?!?! Only, I made a mistake. It’s a common mistake, and I should have known better…I forgot that real life friends are not writer friends. Maybe you can relate. My conversation went something like this:

Me: “…And what about Jon Snow riding away and leaving Ygritte there? What was that?”
Friend 1: “She’s a killer. I’m glad he left her.”
Me: “Wildling or not, she loved him.”
Friend 2: “He didn’t even look back. He doesn’t care about her.”
Me: “Of course he didn’t look back. Once she’s beyond his reach and unattainable, he’ll look back and regret leaving her.”
Friend 1: “No he won’t.”
Me: “They had a connection. That plot line isn’t over.”
Friend 2: “What?!?! You’re such a romantic.”

…Yeah. I am. I also dissect plots in my mind on a daily basis—romance plots. Maybe I’m right about the upcoming plot of GoT, or maybe I’m wrong. But, clearly I was not on the same page as my 2 non-writer friends.

Has this happened to you? Have you discussed shipping certain unlikely couples from tv or movies only to be shut down by friends from your real life?

I knew a few years ago I’d found “my people” when I admitted I wanted Wolverine and Rogue to get together after watching the first X Men movie. Rogue kills people with her touch, Wolverine heals even though it hurts him; what’s not to love about that pairing? The reaction from my writer friend at the time, (McGovy) was an excited, “Yes!” She got it. As writers we don’t choose characters that easily match up together. If we did, what kind of book would that be? Boring!! So, we’re used to obstacles being thrown in the pathway to a character’s ultimate happiness. Real life friends? Not so much.

We see a character riding away and crushing a woman he cared for only a day before as a challenge. Maybe now he’ll be forced by circumstance to require her help to reach some goal. Maybe they’ll end up thrown into some situation together. Maybe she follows him for answers. Whatever happens, there’s now conflict and as a result, tension. I don’t think this viewpoint is consistent with most people. After all, this is what we do and we’re kind of obsessed with it—bless our hearts. LOL So, next time you want to discuss the shipping of a couple, learn from my mistake and remember who you’re talking to.


Have you made this mistake before? Let’s talk fictional couples. Trust me, at Bad Girlz Write, we get it. *grins*


***spoiler alert***

I wrote this blog post yesterday before watching last night’s season finale…yeah, I’m feeling delightfully vindicated on the Jon Snow issue now. Ha! I knew he loved her! And, I’ll try really hard not to gloat about it to my real life friends on Facebook…well, I won’t try that hard. LOL

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