Better Know A BadGirl: Jeanette Grey

What do you write?

I write erotic contemporaries and futuristic romances. Nothing is off-limits; while most of my books involve heterosexual relationships, I also write male/male and even the occasional ménage. What I hope ties them all together is emotional writing and memorable stories of self-discovery and love.

I’m published in novella-length fiction with Samhain and Dreamspinner.

Take What You Want Unacceptable Risk Letting Go

What’s your favorite genre to read?

I love variety more than anything. I read contemporary, futuristic, paranormal, and even the occasional historical romance, but rarely more than one or two from any given genre in a row.

What’s your signature drink?

Red wine. Always, always red wine.

What movie scares the bejeezus out of you?

I am the biggest wimp in the world. I don’t watch scary movies anymore. The last time I did, it was The Sixth Sense, and I didn’t sleep for a week.

What movie makes you bawl?

This is so corny, but anyone who doesn’t sob at the end of The Notebook isn’t really human.

What’s your fave pair of shoes?


These may not be my most stylish or sexiest pair of shoes, but they’re my favorite. I bought them a year or two ago, and at the time I was on a mission to finally act like a girl and find some cute flats, maybe with flowers on them or something. What did I end up walking out of the store with? The pair with the rivets and chains. It was an important moment for me, when I finally decided that rivets and chains were just the kind of girl I was—and that there was nothing wrong with that, no matter what my mother or the fashion pages might prefer for me to believe!

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