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Hi, ladies – Ashantay Peters here.  Thanks for making me an honorary Bad Girl today!  I appreciate your invitation.

The heroine of my new release, Death Stretch, is a bad girl too.  Katie Sheridan had run-ins with the Granville Falls, NC, police as a teenager.  Now she’s saving her best friend from a blackmailer, evading a determined murderer and avoiding a sexy cop.  All while defending herself from a murder rap involving the death of the yoga instructor she tried to save. But it’s all in a day’s fun for Katie.

Katie and Cop Sexy–Dirk Johnson—came along (so to speak) with a story excerpt.  Katie relates the exchange:

I watched him inhale, like he held in a rant. Shame on me, but pissing off the man held a certain appeal.

He inhaled through his nose, his gaze lifted for divine inspiration, or perhaps patience. “Break-ins are common these days, so maybe you should use the lock.”

“How do you know I don’t?”

“The lock didn’t tumble before you opened your door.”

“Oh.” It’s hard to be sarcastic to a guy whose job is to “protect and serve.” Speaking of serve, those lips could offer… no, I wouldn’t go there.

“So, Detective Johnson, what does bring you by?”

“I have a few more questions. Mind if I come in?”

My brain stopped at the word come. Silly, but have I mentioned it’s been awhile since I’ve dated?

He grabbed my arm. “Ms. Sheridan? Katie?”

The sizzle of his touch jolted me back to life. “Um, sure. Sorry, I haven’t cleaned yet today.” Or last week, but who’s keeping count? And why apologize?

I closed the woman’s magazine I’d left open to an article on Giving Good Head and shoved it under a pile of papers, hoping Detective Johnson hadn’t noticed my reading preference. His smirk suggested he probably had.

My attention shifted into hostess mode. I might be a slut wanna-be, but my Mama raised me right.

“Something to drink? I have iced tea, bottled water, Pepsi.” I stopped before adding “wine and beer.”

The smirk disappeared and his jaw tightened. “All I want are answers.”

Whoa.  When Dirk is after answers, get ready to blab!  Being a Bad Girl at heart, Katie had more in mind than giving Dirk replies, and so would you if you saw him.  He’s just your normal tall, dark and handsome detective who sports a crooked nose and butchered haircut.  Yep, Katie doesn’t mind clichés, especially when they kiss as well as Dirk.

Dirk’s a smart guy who knows he shouldn’t get involved with a material witness.  His attraction to the reckless Katie means trouble, but his instincts aren’t logical.  Especially when Katie has long hair and more curves than the Blue Ridge Parkway. Dirk’s not sure he can keep up with her, but he’ll go down trying.

Katie appreciates his stamina. Wouldn’t you?

Death Stretch is a Wild Rose Press publication currently available only through Amazon.

Death Stretch

To learn more about Katie, Dirk and their friends, check out  The site is evolving, but you’ll find a yummy iced chocolate recipe on the blog page.  Also, I’m on Facebook under Ashantay Peters.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my honorary Bad Girl time.  I appreciate your interest and hope I hear from you.

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