Conference Crash!

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we gave a lot of advice before attending the RWA National Conference. I’ve decided to touch on a little about what happens after the conference is over. At least, I’m going to tell you what happened to me after the RWA clock struck midnight and the Ball came to an end.

Let me start by saying the conference…Was… Awesome!  And also extremely draining. When I got back it felt as if I had the world’s worst hangover and I didn’t even drink. (that much :))

Excuse me for a second while I turn into Regis Philbin and do a little name dropping.  I shared an elevator with Jude Deveraux. I had the opportunity to meet and talk with one of my all-time favorite authors, Mary Jo Putney.  I had my picture taken with the famous Nora Roberts. I joked around with Kristen Higgins. I was given advice from Cherry Adair. It was—overwhelming, especially for this small-town Carolina girl.

You would think after this exhilarating trip I’d come home motivated, excited, ready to go and write that next New York Times Best Seller. But I came home and literally crashed on the couch for two days. What happened  to cause every ounce of energy to drain from my being? Let me tell you.

1) I was tired from staying up until wee hours of the morning and getting up at the crack of dawn.

2) My brain felt like mush from absorbing the mounds of knowledge taken away from the workshops.

3) I was having an adrenalin crash from meeting some of my writer idols.

4) Unfortunately, I was also feeling yucky because of this evil little voice asking me over and over, “How in the world are you going to do what they’ve done?“

When you surround yourself with that much talent, it’s easy to fall into the dreaded trap of feeling inapt—not good enough.

So the combination of ALL THAT had this Badgirl running for the covers—and the aspirin bottle.

The first day back—nothing.  I lay comatose on the sofa with an imaginary sign, “Do not disturb.”

The second day wasn’t much better, but by late afternoon I did at least have the energy to pick up one of the many free books I’d collected from the conference. I crawled back on my sofa and started to read. When I was done with that one, I picked up another, and another and then another after that. Slowly, the writing fever started warming my blood once more. I felt myself coming back to life, so I read another.

When I was done with that one, instead of picking up someone else’s book, I opened up my book. The one I’d been working on before I’d left for Atlanta. Words started coming at me from everywhere. My fingers were flying all over that keyboard. I was back! Along with my determination to see this dream through. I heard my muse whisper, “You are good enough. You can do this.” My Conference hangover was gone. Thank God.

So I must know, did this happen to you? Did anyone else experience the dreadful conference crash? If you did, don’t get discouraged. I’m your little voice saying, “You can do this. You are good enough.”

Remember to Dream Big!


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