Man Candy Monday: Adam Levine

Today’s man candy honoree is Maroon 5 front man…Adam Levine.  Whether you like their music or not, you’ve got to admit…there’s just something about this guy that makes your mouth water a bit (Hey!  I’m a poet and didn’t know it!  You can use that in a song anytime, Adam!)


I’ve always liked a scruffy man, but I never thought of myself as a tattoo girl.  Until I came across Adam and realized it was because I hadn’t found a guy who could wear them to my satisfaction!  I mean, how could you not want to read these?  I’m kinda wishing they came in braille.  Am I right?  AM I RIGHT?

adam-tattoo       adam-tattoo2Adam-girl

Guy next door or Mr. GQ Smooth…you can’t go wrong.  Not many guys can pull off the skinny jeans, but he sure as hell can.  Just looking at Adam makes it Harder to Breathe (see what I did there?)





And he’s not just pretty ladies, he’s smart too.  I bet he’s thinking about how to solve world hunger, or bring peace to the Middle East.  At least that’s what I tell myself.  He could be thinking about how he’s going to get his fine ass out of his skinny jeans.  But let’s face it….do we really care?


And DAMN, the man can wear a t-shirt.

adam t-shirt     adam-tshirt2adam-tshirt3


Or not.


We salute you, Mr. Levine! You’ve inspired more than one of my characters!


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