The Waiting Game

The past few weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of waiting.

Waiting in lines at Disney World.  Waiting at the mobile phone store, because the sales people take entirely way too long to activate phones.  Waiting in traffic, because a contractor decided to shut down lanes during rush hour on the only route I can take to work.  Waiting in the car rider line on the first day of school, because the new principal decided to change procedures without informing us parents.

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

I try not to complain about things I can’t really change.  I mean, what’s the point?  Bitching about traffic doesn’t make it go away.  Instead, I spend a lot of time and effort making sure I avoid these situations so that my life runs smoothly.  I leave a half hour early for work to avoid the school rush, get to the car rider line forty-five minutes before dismissal so I can be first in line and get my kids to practice on time, and I know exactly what I want when I go into an electronics store to avoid all the sales mumbo jumbo.

But there are just some things, no matter how hard I try, that throw a wrench into my perfect little plans.

Like take, for instance, this whole writing thing.  What happened to my plan?  I should be published by now, or represented at the very least.  I should be finishing up my sixth book and planning for my seventh, talking to Lifetime about making my third movie, and writing cover blurbs for all my bad girlz, because they should all be published too.  Instead, I’m waiting.

Yeah.  Those perfect little plans.

But I don’t get discouraged.  I keep researching, because things are constantly changing.  I keep networking, because the more people you know the more chances you’ll have.  I keep writing, because when I do get the call I want to be ahead of the game.  I keep planning, even if my plans haven’t worked out thus far, because it gives me something to keep moving toward.

So if you’re just starting out, here’s my advice to you.  Set your goals, but know that they may have to change.  Do the best you can to stay on track, but expect the wrenches that will get thrown your way.  And always be ready to get the call tomorrow, but don’t get discouraged if it takes a while.

It will all be worth it one day, I promise.

How do you stay sane and keep yourself on track?

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