Why You Should Join WFWA

Just in case you missed the flood of tweets, blogs, and status posts circling the social media world – The Women’s Fiction Writers Association (WFWA) officially opened for membership on September 9th.  I highly encourage you to check out the website and see for yourself what it’s all about, but I put together the top 5 reasons I believe every women’s fiction writer should join.

5.  Annual Retreat

The retreats and conferences I’ve attended have all been romance based.  And while I learned a great deal from each of them, I always found myself saying at some point, that doesn’t apply to me.  It will be scary, of course, being that I’ve always had at least one of my bad girlz accompany me on retreats, but it will also be exciting.  I can’t wait!

4.  Education

The majority of workshops are free to members.  That’s right, I said free.  I’ve always been hesitant to register for online workshops because they tend to be Forrest Gumps  – you never know what you’re gonna get.  Since most organizations charge for these little shares of knowledge in addition to yearly dues, I chose to save the cash.  But with WFWA, what are you really out of?  If you tune in and decide it’s not for you, you can sign off without any guilt.

3.  Networking

This business can sometimes be as much about whom you know as what you know.  Do you want your partial sitting at the bottom of a slush pile, or submitted with a recommendation?  Has your publisher asked you to scrounge together some cover blurbs from already established authors?  Do you need to line up a blog tour for your new release?  The ease and probability of these things happening is much greater if you belong to a writer’s organization like WFWA.

2.  Feedback

There are a lot of contests out there with “Women’s Fiction” categories, but not a lot of good ones – at least in my opinion.  Many times this category is judged by non-women’s fiction writers who are used to following a specific set of rules, like Happily Ever Afters and Heroes/Heroines meeting before page 5.  However, these rules do not apply for women’s fiction.  I can’t wait to enter, and hopefully judge, the first WFWA women’s fiction contest.

Can’t wait for feedback?  No problem!  WFWA is in the process of establishing critique groups and will be having a workshop for critique training!

1.  Incredible Resources

Not only will you be surrounded by some of the most talented authors in the business, who are more than willing to let you pick their brains, but the Members section of the website has invaluable information like the list for top WF agents, individualized tool boxes for each stage of your career, newsletters, and industry news posts.

Can’t find what you’re looking for there?  Check out the Hub, or search the many forums and post your question!  In my experience, the folks in WFWA are more than willing to help you out.

To join or get more information, swing by and check out the website.  If you decide to join shoot me a friend request!  Hope to see you on the Hub!



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