Count Dracula VS Edward Cullen

When it comes to literature, writers have created many different types of Vampires. They all seem to have the basic things in common as far as the premise goes: Pointy fangs and an unstoppable desire to suck the blood out of living beings, but that’s usually where the similarities stop.



Each vampire becomes his or her own individual character. A creation formed from the writer’s imagination. I have so much respect for this as a reader and a writer. It’s really amazing when you think about it.

So to honor today’s celebration of Halloween, I thought I would pick two famous vampires and show you what I’m talking about. Bram Stoker’s, Count Dracula and Stephanie Meyer’s, Edward Cullen

These two characters may have Vampirism in common, but the similarities stop there.

Count Dracula is an ANTAGONIST: A monster who feeds on human blood for his survival. Not taking into account who he hurts or kills along the way.

Edward Cullen is a PROGTAONIST: A hero who feeds on animals and does everything in his power to protect his favorite human from becoming like him.

Let’s take a look at how differently the authors described each of their vampires.

Count Dracula is described as having a strong face. A high bridge to his nose with peculiar, arched nostrils. His eyebrows were described as massive almost meeting over his nose. His mouth rather cruel-looking. With pointed teeth that protruded over his lip. He had pointy finger nails and hairs growing from his palms.

I’m pretty sure Stoker wasn’t shooting for good-looking.

Edward Cullen is described as being impossibly beautiful. Angelic. Perfect high cheek bones. Strong jaw line. Straight perfect nose. Beautiful perfect lips. Slender, yet muscular. And of course the famous: sparkles in the sunlight.  Perfect. Perfect. Perfect.

Meyer was clearly going for every girl’s high school heart-throb.

Dracula had three wives. Not a trait for the ideal alpha male.

Once Edward met Bella, she became the center of his world—his everything. Let’s say it together:  Awwww

Meyer was going for nice guy. Stoker was going for monster.  Yet both made outstanding characters.

That’s what I absolutely love about literature.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you get the trick or treat you’re looking for.

Remember to Dream Big!


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