Man Candy for the Weekend: Hardy Party Edition!!!

I don’t know who I was trying to kid, thinking I’d get anything accomplished today with a week long staycation staring me in the face. So, instead of doing things that take actual focus and an attention span of longer than ten minutes…LET’S HAVE A HARDY PARTY!

One of my other celeb crushes/muse inspirations is Tom Hardy. <insert wistful girly sigh here> The eyes. The lips. The muscles. The tatts. The chill disposition and wry humor that you’d never expect. And THE ACCENT! I first fell in love with THard in Star Trek: Nemesis. The movie was okay, but he kept my rapt attention. He was just so pretty! Even bald and freaky looking. After all, THard does bald and freaky looking better than anyone.

One of my favorite Hardy movies is Warrior. Soulful and tortured with daddy issues to boot, Tommy twisted my heart from the start. Strong yet vulnerable. Yes, please. I’ll take a hundred reluctant heroes just like him.thardythard



This picture may or may not be the inspiration that gets me thru my current WIP

Really, I’ve loved Hardy in every movie he’s made so far. Dark Knight Rises, Inception (OMGEAMES!!!), Rock n Rolla, and yes, even This Means War. The movie itself was so-so, but made memorable by the two excellent male leads. thard4



Lips. Lips. Can we talk about his lips?


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, BAM! That time the fangirl goddesses smiled down upon me and put Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in the same movie and made them besties.



The role of McGovy is played here by Reese Witherspoon.


Finally, I’ll leave you with some THard soul. The bearded and unbearded version. And, if the great hands, forearms and lil forehead crinkles aren’t enough, I’ve thrown in some puppy love too. Enjoy!


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