Better Know a Badgirl….Sydney Carroll

What do you write?

I write humorous contemporary romance and romantic women’s fiction—margarita on the beach type stories.


What’s your favorite genre to read?

Historical women’s fiction, especially earlier twentieth century settings, and mysteries and thrillers. I love Kate Morton and Ruth Rendell.


What’s your signature drink?

That would be the skinny gin and tonic: start with a shot or two of your favorite gin, pour over ice and add club soda ¾ full, and top up with tonic water. Add lime and mint if you’ve got it. I started making these after suffering diet tonic water for years. Life’s too short to sully good booze with aspartame, and it’s healthy, or at least it is in malaria-prone regions J


What movie scares the bejeezus out of you?

I know it’s probably silly, but the Paranormal Activity movies. I really hate it when I think of them in the middle of the night. I blame my super-creepy black and white baby monitor.


What movie makes you bawl?

Anything showing the relationship between a human and an animal. Babe and War Horse to name a couple. Additionally, The Orphanage by Benicio del Toro. Pretty damn tear-jerky for a ghost story. Just sayin’.


What’s your fave pair of shoes?

My super-cool wedge sandals, in my favorite shades of blue and green. It was actually warm enough to wear them today!




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