Rearview Mirror

2013 draws to a close and will soon be in our rear view mirror. Don’t worry, I’m not about to write some long prose about how tremendous or horrendous it turned out because A) I don’t have the time, it’s holidays B) It was neither horrendous nor tremendous for me. It was a good year, but had its ups and downs. Don’t they all? At times it kicked my tail and sucked like the bottom of a Slurpee, but there were some big highlights too. Honestly? I was all over the friggin’ place.

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Each year I make goals rather than resolutions. I put these goals in my phone hoping that, via osmosis, the goals will soak my soul with accomplishment. Let’s take a look at 2013’s list and see how things turned out. This ought to be good for a laugh:

Writer Goals 2013:

1. Finish edits on NR & ML and send to crit partners. I did zat! Got great feedback and, while the books have changed a lot, the critique I received still rings helpful and true. Mwah to my CPs! Y’all rock!

2. Submit NR to agent query list. I did zat too! Still waiting to hear back from two thirds of that list. It’s been 9 months. I figured it was safe to move on. 😉

3. Finish co-authored manuscript. Yes! I did that AND it’ll be published in early 2014. Woo Hoo!


4. Activate McGovy site. Done! With the help of web guru, Jeanette Grey, I have a site. See:

5. Attend RWA Nationals. Done. It was my first too. Met some amazing women and created memories that will last a lifetime. Some of them will never be spoken of in public.

rwa pic

6. Rough draft Mad’s book. Okay, see, this is where it gets tricky. I have maybe a third of it complete, but that’s where it’ll stay for awhile. A looooooooooong, long while.

7. Outline next trilogy. NO. Big N.O. Matter of fact, there is no next PNR trilogy. Maybe later on. Way on down the road. Around the corner and up the hill. For now I’m focusing on my contemporaries and one hottie of a hero.


Extra Credit: I completed NaNoWriMo this year. Yeah, sure, I had some of the book already written, but the important thing is, I wrote them there 50,000 words in 30 days. I needed a little push. Turns out, NaNo was just the thing to shove me.

Extra Credit +: I made PAN! ‘Round about late winter 2013, McGovy got paid. NGL, it was a damn good feeling. Hey, this biz is tough. You’ve got to celebrate while the celebrating is good.

How did your year pan out? Did you accomplish some of what you wanted or all? Don’t say none because we all accomplished something. We survived a roller coaster 2013! There’s accomplishment #1 right there. 😀

Time to celebrate & booty shake!!!

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Write on bbs,


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