Man Candy Monday: Sebastian Stan

Let’s get the week started off right with some inspiration, shall we? Handsome hero fodder for a Monday.

First, I’ve got to give due credit to Jeanette on this for a) willfully and shamelessly enabling my appreciation of today’s man candy and taking it from a healthy level to about DEFCON 5 and b) because she’s probably going to use him too one day but I lack the patience and self control she has. 😀 Just  act surprised if you see him on here again in late March.

Today, Sebastian Stan is our Bad Girl Monday Manspiration.


Now some of you may be asking, “WHO is Sebastian Stan?” Well lemme tell you. Sebastian Stan is he of the dreamy and still somehow soulful bedroom eyes.

seb 1

Sebastian Stan is he of the heroic jaw line and great hair.

'Iron Man 3' Los Angeles premiere

He’s Sebastian Stan of the silver screen era chin dimple and he can channel Paul Newman like a boss. That, my friends, is a one-two punch.


Sebastian Stan has THE prettiest cry eyes in the industry.

seb cry

You know, Sebastian Stan. Bucky from Captain America!


The Mad Hatter/Jefferson from Once Upon A Time.


The man oozes complex and conflicted hero. RIGHT??? A beautiful face with an ugly past. Angst and trouble hidden beneath all that swoon.


I have a theory that my favorite “type” has this unique combination of strong, masculine jaw, brow, and cheek line, but with soft and sensuous lips and eyes. I mean…COME ON!


Oh and then there’s this. Winter is coming in April and I ain’t talking about Game of Thrones.


You hear that screaming? It’s just me and JG. Don’t call the cops.



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