Why Be Published?

When I’m not squeezing lemons for never ending glasses of Cajun lemonade (i.e. the Master Cleanse I was nuts enough to embark upon), I’m furiously drafting my newest project, which I’m totally digging. I’m thrilled with the progress and feeling really upbeat—or, call it detox-loopy, if you want to be all cynical about it. Add to this the knowledge that my fellow Bad Girlz are kicking ass and taking names left and right, I thought it would be a great time to present to you a little listicle…..

Ten Awesome Reasons to Become a Published Author (in no particular order ‘cause that’s how I roll)


  1. Getting that deal means I could finally sell the true book of my heart: the one I wrote in high school with Depeche Mode as the main characters.

depeche mode



2.  My students never read anything I assign. Maybe they’d read a book with sex in it?


3. I could bring back the term “authoress.” Sounds so much fancier! quill pen


4. If I’m antisocial to my neighbors, they’d think it was artistic temperament rather than plain rudeness.

5. The plaque in my town square: “Home of Sydney Carroll.”

6. The satin-upholstered office/boudoir that all romance authors get to use as their work space…..

pink boudoir

7. I could put all of those book covers I doodled in work meetings to good use. I’m sure my publisher would love the input.

8. I could do any damn thing I wanted and call it research.

9. The police would ask me to come help solve murders!

Castle 2

“Wait a minute,” you say. “Where’s the tenth reason? I thought I was going to learn something!” Well, dear readers, that’s where you come in! What would you add to my list?

As always, happy writing!


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