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The Bad Girlz are delighted to have Amanda Weaver on the blog today. Amanda writes contemporary and historical romance and has a contemporary romance that will release in April 2014:

Always cover

Welcome, Amanda!

What do you write? For the past several years, I wrote almost entirely contemporary romance, and my first novel, Always, is contemporary romance. I read a TON of historical romance but never had any urge to try writing one until last year. I got a plot bunny for a historical romance that I decided to explore. That kind of exploded into a whole book, The Forgotten Duchess, and while I was writing it, three secondary characters stood up and demanded their own stories, and so my little “let’s see if I can write historical romance” experiment has grown into plans for a four book series! I’ve finished a draft of The Forgotten Duchess and I’m now editing, and I’ve made a small start on the second. Meanwhile two other contemporary romances are languishing in Scrivener, waiting for me to have time to write them…. *shameless plug* I’m a little Pinterest-obsessed and I have boards for all my stories, even those that are just ideas in my head right now. Plus I have boards for a bunch of other stuff I’m interested in.

Pantser or Plotter? This has been my method for everything I’ve written and so far it’s worked pretty well for me. I get an idea and let it roll around and percolate for a while. At some point (usually while I’m brushing my teeth- for some reason, that’s magic brain time for me) a scene will suddenly start forming in my mind and I’ll feel compelled to write. I’ll write, usually just enough to get a feel for the story, the character, whatever. Then I stop and properly outline the rest. I can’t outline until I have something actually written, but I can’t keep writing until I have an outline. 

What authors are on your auto-buy/borrow list? Oh, so many. Sherry Thomas (my queen), Courtney Milan, Meredith Duran. Tammara Webber, Gayle Foreman, Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins. Jojo Moyes (who I’m a little bit obsessed with) and Lev Grossman, just because I’m desperate for the last installment of The Magicians like it’s air.

Fave book you had to read in high school English? I think it would have to be Jane Eyre. I read it the first time at 13. I’ve read it several more times in the years since and every time I do, I discover something new in it that went over my head in previous reads. It’s a book that changes as you do. At least, it changed for me as I grew older.

What’s your signature drink? Easily red wine. It’s a little shameful how much I love it.

What song do you have to dance/sing along to whenever it comes on? Dancing Queen by ABBA. Several ABBA songs, really. I’ve loved them since I was a little girl and it’s never gone away! People joke about me and my lifelong love of ABBA. Whatever. I challenge you not to sing along to Waterloo.

What’s your fave pair of shoes? (Include a picture, if you have one!) I had to buy a new dress and shoes for this fancy event a couple of years ago and I fell in love with this pair of Badgley Mischka pumps. Even on sale, they were so far out of my budget it wasn’t even funny. I agonized about them forever but eventually I caved. Now whenever I need to get dressed up for something, I work the whole outfit around those shoes. I’m determined to get my money’s worth out of them, plus I love wearing them, even though they hurt like hell. Aren’t they pretty?

amanda shoe

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