Celebrating “The End”

Last night, sometime in the wee small hours, I completed my manuscript. Not polished-to-a-subtle-sheen, send-it-in-now sheen–it’s a draft. But, it’s a draft of an entirely new manuscript, new idea, new story world…..all of that stuff. And, to be brutally honest, its been a long time since “writing” hasn’t been shorthand for re-writing, re-imagining, re-treading old stuff, worried I may never have another idea again. As a Florida girl, I’m allowed to say this: I am seriously stoked!


So, now that I’ve finished my draft and I’m required to leave it alone in order to see it with fresh eyes–and no doubt be horribly embarrassed when I see it again, a question loomed in my mind:


tanqueraytonicPretty much self-explanatory.

baby beard

Spend more time with my child. They grow up so fast! Also, when did he start up with the pipe?

nail art


cluttered house

Or, make my house look a little less like this…..

clean house

And a little more like this. Add in a few tasteful toys  for beard-baby’, natch.

roller set

F%$king do something with my hair! BTW, I’m dead-serious about the roller set. Another research rabbit hole to thank.

Or, maybe, just this…….

asleep at desk

So tell me, how do you celebrate when you finally type “The end?”


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