Clicking Send

Is there anything more terrifying in the world than clicking send on a submission email? For a writer, probably not. Sure, pits of snakes and being buried alive are mildly terrifying in that abstract how often do you even see a pit of snakes sort of way, but clicking send happens every day, people. Every. Day. And, it never gets easier.

Whether it’s a query letter to an agent, round 2 of revisions to your editor or a proposal for more books, it’s always scary to send your work out into the world. So, what’s a bad girl to do?

perf cosmo

Yeah, that always takes the edge off of the send anxiety. But, the best thing we can do is have a strong submission along with that strong drink. Be prepared to click send by having your critique partners pick your submission apart. It’s better to have a friend find that embarrassing typo than an industry professional. Once that’s done, and you’re pouring that drink before sending, take comfort in the fact that you’ve done all you can do. Your submission is as shiny as you have the ability to make it. It’s time for your little book baby to fly away from the comfortable nest of your computer. Fly free, little book baby. Fly free.

Flying Books

It seems like send-o-phobia, (Yeah, I totally just made that up. And, now I’m really hoping it becomes a thing) is caused by one of three things.
Fear of success. What if that agent wants the full manuscript, and then I would have to send it?
Seriously, bad girlz? This is what you want. Send it!
Fear of failure. What if that editor laughs at me? What if that last book was the best I can write?
Bad girlz, in my opinion, no one book is going to make your career as an author. You know what will help you have a great career? Writing more books. Send it!
Fear of change. What will I write next if I send this?
Girl, you will write another book…and another…and another. But, you won’t do any of these things unless you do one very important thing first—send it!

At the end of the day, it’s all fear. Fear comes in many forms, but it’s the same no matter how you slice it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to let fear rule my life. Who knows what will happen? But, you’ll never know what might have happened unless you click send.

Why am I thinking about send-o-phobia? Today, I will be clicking send. I’ve polished my submission until the blinding shine of it is painful. (The sparkles! My eyes, my eyes!) Even knowing that, I’m nervous. It’s a frightening prospect—people reading what we write. But, that’s the goal, that’s what we want! We want readers and without sending our words off to fly free, they’ll remain locked away, unable to entertain readers on a rainy Saturday afternoon. I know I’m as ready as I can be and I will not be ruled by fear. What about you?

Do you have send-o-phobia? Let chat about it.
Aaaaaaaaaaaand click.

~E. Michels

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