May 01

Do You Season Your Stories?


I’ve just finished reading a novel that takes place in Maine, in the wintertime. Food played heavily in its themes, as did the descriptions of simmering soups and other cozy fare (recipes included). I enjoyed the book but found myself wishing I had picked it up at a different time of year—maybe in the fall, rather than at the end of the longest, coldest winter of my life. I’m ready for sun and sand, the sounds of surf and the scent of swimming pool chlorine, and I find myself craving that in my reading, too. Kind of hard to get excited over soup when you’re looking forward to that first margarita of the season, you know?


I think we all have a dominant season that we identify with more than the others, when we feel most like ourselves. Even if you’ve never thought about it until now, you probably know what type you are. Is the first blossoms and renewal of spring the thing that gets you going, or the crisp, clear air of
autumn and turning leaves? Do festive holidays and the stark beauty of a snow-covered landscape capture your imagination? Or do long, lazy days and the promise of fresh tomatoes and the beach call to you?


I do love the period of change of all the seasons and the spice it brings to my wardrobe, but I’m totally summer, no question. And I find that my reading and writing preferences tend to reflect that. I prefer being hot to cold. Due to my job, I get more writing done and feel more creative in the summer. My novels have boats and beaches in them. And booty, too, if I’m making this into a 3 Bs type gimmick. Maybe it’s a Florida thing, or maybe I’m just a beach read type of person. Either way, summer is my time, and I can’t wait!


So, tell me—does your writing or reading have seasonality? What season are you? What books do you recommend that perfectly gel with “your” season?

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  1. Heather McGovern

    My favorite seasons are spring and fall, with summer a very close second/third. Really anything but winter. I don’t read with the seasons unless it’s a holiday book. I want to read about the holidays NEAR the holidays. I’ll read a summer book anytime though. I like to imagine it’s 80 degrees and sunny in February! :D

    1. Sydney

      I’m a fan of the summer book year-round, too. And I’m right with you on the holiday books.

  2. Elizabeth Michels

    I think I’m a spring/fall person. I enjoy the anticipation of something different and seasons definitely fall into the category of something different in life. When it’s going to be hot soon or going to be cold soon is when I get really excited about where it is now. :) In my reading, I like to escape. I want to go on vacation and veg on a beach with a heroine or snuggle by a fireplace with a hero. Just take me somewhere beautiful.

    1. Sydney

      Yes, escape is all-important. And I really do like the anticipation of change in the seasons, too.

  3. jeanette grey

    Yes! I actually think seasonality is one of my biggest influences when it comes to writing. I always want to write a book that takes place during the season I happen to be experiencing. This also may have something to do with my bad habit of losing interest in a manuscript after a month. The season changes and I want to move on to something else :)

    1. Sydney

      Ha! I know what you mean! And your stories are very seasonal. That’s one of the many things I like about them :)

  4. Jenna P

    I love Fall the best. Football, beautiful colors, pleasant weather. And my manuscripts usually span a few months in time, so I often get to include multiple seasons. As for a preference in reading, I suppose I don’t care either way!

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