I’m All In! #BGBlitz

“Don’t let anyone walk through your mind with dirty feet.” – Dabo Sweeney – Head Football Coach at Clemson University

Bad Girlz, here it is. I’ve been in a writer funk. I’m not even sure what triggered this funk, maybe it was the exhaustion of releasing books so close together, the anxiety of waiting to hear about a submission, or the endless holding of my breath while reviews come out for my next release. Whatever the cause, I’ve been sitting in still waters waiting for a whisper of a breeze so that I can move forward for over a week.

On Friday my mother-in-law finally took pity on me. “You need some time to write.” Quiet time, was that the answer? Did I just need uninterrupted time to write? Mr. Alpha Male had plans to go hike for 3 days with the local Boy Scout Troup he helps occasionally, so thanks to my mother-in-law’s offer of assistance with the Little Monkey, I had the weekend to myself. But, instead of doing what I would normally do and forcing myself to at least try to write words during the precious hours of quiet, I put my laptop down and I walked away. I needed a break. I cleaned my house. I curled up on the sofa and watched a Hallmark movie marathon. I went for a walk. I read a book. I watched Oprah interview successful people. And, at the end of it, this is what I learned:

The problem with my manuscript was a problem with my motivation, not my character’s motivation.

With the excitement of publication, I’d lost sight of why I write. And now, after a weekend of made-for-TV movies and Oprah interviews, I remember why.

I write because I love stories. I write because I love the characters. I don’t write for the glory of the blog tour or the thrill of signing copies for readers. I don’t write to sell more books. I don’t write for the reviews. I write because I love to write. I want to meet readers and sign books. I want to have more books on the shelves. I want to get good reviews. Those are all positive ambitions. But, that is not why I write.

The advice I’m known to give my critique partners at every hiccup on the path to writing a book is, “Just tell the story.” And, it seems I needed to listen to my own advice. I have a story that is begging to be told and I’ve been ignoring it to wallow in the quicksand that is the phrase, “what if.”

Well, no more, Bad Girlz! I’m blitzing with you!


I hope you’ll join me as we drive downfield toward our goals. My goal is to finish this book by the end of August. I’ll be posting updates to Twitter and I hope you will too.

My favorite quote from my excessive television watching this weekend:

“People will judge it. And, people will like it or not like it. But, you can’t be responsible for that. You’re not meant to do what is easy. You’re meant to challenge yourself…continue to do the thing you maybe cannot do.” –Justin Timberlake

Are you ready to just tell the story? What’s your #BGBlitz goal?

~ E. Michels

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