May 13

Oh, it’s On! It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

I don’t know about you, but the school year is a busy time for me.  The added tasks of being an elementary school parent nowadays can cause quite a lot of stress in my household.  In addition to my day job as an engineer, evening job as a gymnastics mom, and whenever I can find time job as a writer, the school year makes me a Homework Helper/School Lunch Fixer/Reading Listener/Assignment Tracker.

And I have a feeling I’m not alone in this.  Am I?

So, what do you say we make this summer count?  I mean, big time.  What if we pick that one goal that we seem to keep putting off and make it the focus of that freed up time?  Think we could do it?


The Bad Girlz Summer Blitz



For those of you that aren’t into football, a blitz is defensive strategy in which extra players are sent in to rush the quarterback at the same time.  Basically, the defense throws everything they can spare to try to sac the quarterback or disrupt his pass.  That’s what we’re going to do.

Over the next few weeks, I challenge you to define your quarterback.  What task do you want to tackle?  What goal can you never seem to put to rest?  It can be anything.  Maybe you just need to get a manuscript pumped out.  Maybe you want to get a new book plotted, or perhaps develop a new method for plotting.  Maybe you’ve just finished editing your manuscript and your goal is to write and send out 100 queries.  Maybe you really need to establish or increase your online presence.  Maybe you just need to clean out a room in your basement to have some place to write undistracted.  We really don’t care what the goal is, as long as you need to get it done.


After you’ve got your eyes set on the target, develop a game plan.  Does it have phases?  Deadlines?  What is your plan of attack to make sure it gets done?  Then MEMORIZE it.  I mean, write it down, put a sticky note on your mirror, pin in on your dashboard, whatever it takes.  Live, eat, and breathe your target in much the same way that a defensive end carries around their playbook wherever they go.  Keep it in your face so you can’t ignore it.  No excuses.




Then starting June 1st, it’s GAME ON.


Over the next couple weeks, some of the bad girlz will be sharing their goals and game plans.  We will also keep you up to date on how we’re doing through June, July, up until the very end of August when it’s GAME OVER.  We hope you’ll share your game as well and let us be your cheerleaders (we promise not to drag you around by the helmet)!  Comment on the blogs, post to our facebook page, and follow/tweet the hashtag #BGBlitz.

Let’s do this!  Let’s make this summer count!

Jenna P.











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  1. Laura Trentham

    Hello? A writer/engineer/football lover?? Me too! I must meet you! Are you going to RWA in San Antonio?

    1. Jenna Patrick

      No! But hell yes we need to meet! We’re a rare breed! Where are you located?

      1. Laura Trentham

        I’m in Greenville, SC. Heather M and I are CPs. I fact, she’d reading through a football themed contemp for me right now.

        1. Heather McGovern

          Y’all would get along like ping pong. Like singing a song. Like smoking a — Just kidding!

          Laura, JennaP will be at Moonlight in October sooooo if you go, you’ll meet all the Bagirlz. No pressure. Js. *pressures* ;-)

        2. Elizabeth Michels

          Football loving writers for the win! Laura, you haaaaaave to come to M&M!

        3. Jenna Patrick

          So you’re the Laura that McGovy told me about…. All good things, I promise!

          And I agree! M&M is Fabulous, so you must come!

          1. Laura Trentham

            I would love to go to M&M. I’m spending a freaking fortune on RWA. If I can sell book or a kidney, I might be about to swing another conference.

  2. Sydney

    Oh yes, it is on, indeed! Getting my game plan together now!

    1. Jenna Patrick

      This is gonna be So much fun!! Hehe!

  3. Heather McGovern

    I’m in for the win with the football referenced goal making. Don’t wait ’til it’s 3rd and long! Also, is it weird that when I see images from Varsity Blues, I automatically start singing Foo Fighters’ HERO?

    Looking forward to the encouragement and accountability. :D

    1. Jenna Patrick

      I LOVE that song! And really like the movie too, BTW….

      Can’t wait to see everyone’s goals!

  4. Elizabeth Michels

    I’m so in! *chops feet and looks downfield* I’m already making my game plan!! Let’s do this!! #BGBlitz

    1. Jenna Patrick

      We TOTALLY got this!

  5. Lori Waters

    I’m in. Pulling my team together now. (My laptop, my notebooks, my highlighters, my craft books) Let’s do this thing!!!

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